Original Nursing Cartoons

By Robert Schnell RN (and his various pen names)

Microcosm of society.

I had worked with nurse “hair loss” for over a decade, having no idea she was a “Jeckyll/Hyde” until I overheard this exchange she had with another co-worker she was trying to recruit to care for her father post op.

I couldn’t believe my ears and short of an audio visual recording have no proof I heard what I heard. Over the years I have encountered professional jealousy, envy, career vindictiveness, and anger but “slit your throat” was a whole new category of whacko in my book: especially from a registered nurse. From that moment on, until her retirement, I gave nurse “Alopecia” a wide berth.

Bull S#!* (BS), More S*^t (MS), Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD)

On a lighter more cheerful note…If you are lucky, you have what has recently become fewer and further in between….THAT GOOD SHIFT…the one that made you glad you became a nurse in the first place.

Published by undergroundcartoonist

Underground Cartoonist is a former ICU nurse that has worked at numerous civilian, military, and veteran Intensive Care Units across the country for better than three decades but has been sketching, drawing, and cartooning since he first picked up a crayon in kindergarten. Dabbled with political cartooning, writing, and general illustrations but the bread and butter came from health care. Recently left professional nursing to concentrate on camping, hiking, nature, the outdoors, trees, trails, and peace of mind. Love a campfire; rather watch it than TV. Avoid bureaucracy, career ladders, ladder climbers, and hero worship at all cost. Evenings spent with a good book, reading until the book smacks my nose when I doze off. Generally up at sun rise, listen to the mourning doves, put the coffee on, and play it by ear the rest of the day.

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