by Mr. Schnell

Recently got the last season of “Game of Thrones” and the last season of “The Big Bang Theory”. Guess which one we are currently bingeing on!

Can’t tell you specifically what I have seen. I am trying to convince a friend (and fellow blogger) to watch the series. He hasn’t seen a single episode and I don’t want to be a spoiler for him but if he doesn’t watch the show we can’t talk about it and it’s relevance to current events. Our politics are similar and “Game of Thrones” is about current events in my book only “Thrones” has fire breathing dragons instead of gerrymandering! Honestly now, wouldn’t you like to unleash those flying reptiles on the political tyrants currently giving you nightly migraines?

It was also brought to my attention I am drawing too many of the little green microbes Trump is using to fleece America. He stole the presidency and now has the key to Fort Knox and the treasury to mismanage the pandemic. He has gotten his hands on trillions of dollars of which some will never be accounted for and you can bet big chunks of those “unaccounted” funds will go into Trump’s own pocket. Come on now … this is Donald Trump. He won’t feel good about himself unless he steals a few billion. It’s in his DNA. Grifters gotta grift. I am not for sure what Putin’s cut is but I bet he is smiling in Moscow. Him and Trump are cleaning up!

Anyway, I decided to have fun at the drawing board so I borrowed a fellow blogger’s boat and went cartoon cruising around Cercei Lannister’s castle at King’s Landing and noticed dragons buzzing around looking to light up Trump so I lit out for the open sea leaving the barbecue behind me. Pure Escapism!

My imagination is getting away from me but it is a wonderful break from the daily lies and propaganda out of Washington DC. Where are those fire breathing dragons when you need em?

Dragons versus Michigan capital building storm troopers…. I see another cartoon evolving. But drawing those little green virus characters is faster…back to the drawing board.

*(Thanks for the advice, boat, and cartoon escape Schnark! Stay safe.)

Published by undergroundcartoonist

Underground Cartoonist is a former ICU nurse that has worked at numerous civilian, military, and veteran Intensive Care Units across the country for better than three decades but has been sketching, drawing, and cartooning since he first picked up a crayon in kindergarten. Dabbled with political cartooning, writing, and general illustrations but the bread and butter came from health care. Recently left professional nursing to concentrate on camping, hiking, nature, the outdoors, trees, trails, and peace of mind. Love a campfire; rather watch it than TV. Avoid bureaucracy, career ladders, ladder climbers, and hero worship at all cost. Evenings spent with a good book, reading until the book smacks my nose when I doze off. Generally up at sun rise, listen to the mourning doves, put the coffee on, and play it by ear the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “Escapism

  1. Thank You Mr Schnell,
    You seem to have somewhat improved the rigging, I wish you fair winds, gentle waves, and sweet mermaids.
    Captain of the Schnark,

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  2. Had a lot of fun doing this cartoon. And that last season of Game of Thrones….wow. After King’s Landing battle I am done barbecuing for awhile. I am ready for some “Big Bang Theory” nonsense. stay safe


  3. funny enough, I’m reading the third book “A Storm of Swords” in between gardening books right now. No barbecuing going on, but definitely some gardening to start my plants soon. too hot to finish a bed now, but plenty of time to start some new seeds inside… if it decides to rain in a little while…ugh.

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