Liar Indicted

by Mr. Schnell

An old political cartoon of mine from 2018 recycled for current 2023 events.

(I would draw new cartoons of Trump but he just isn’t worth the time or effort. Someday he will disappear and with American’s short attention span … be forgotten also.)

Published by undergroundcartoonist

Underground Cartoonist is a former ICU nurse that has worked at numerous civilian, military, and veteran Intensive Care Units across the country for better than three decades but has been sketching, drawing, and cartooning since he first picked up a crayon in kindergarten. Dabbled with political cartooning, writing, and general illustrations but the bread and butter came from health care. Recently left professional nursing to concentrate on camping, hiking, nature, the outdoors, trees, trails, and peace of mind. Love a campfire; rather watch it than TV. Avoid bureaucracy, career ladders, ladder climbers, and hero worship at all cost. Evenings spent with a good book, reading until the book smacks my nose when I doze off. Generally up at sun rise, listen to the mourning doves, put the coffee on, and play it by ear the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “Liar Indicted

  1. You’re right, I got excited when I heard there would be no “mug shot”, who needs one, but I thought this would be a challenge to cartoonists. But could anyone do it justice? And what’s the point?
    He’s a nobody.
    Hope you find something better to draw.

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      1. I wouldn’t want them.
        I wish they would ignore him, starve him of this oxygen, but it will be no good, he has played his nasty part in humanity’s sad history.

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