Trump’s Stimulus Check To Himself

By Mr. Schnell I put out this meme when the first stimulus checks went out and today when people can’t pay bills donnie is getting a bit stingy about helping those in need. Very good article in the Dailykos about our national IRS tax cheater and covid grifter donald (purposely written with a little “d”.)Continue reading “Trump’s Stimulus Check To Himself”

The Kamala/Pence Fly Trap

by Mr. Schnell About an hour before the Kamala Harris/Mike Pence debate began I got an idea and started revamping my Trump/Biden cartoon to add current debate participants. It is sloppy and done in haste (Right wingers will love this …. they tell me all the time how they understand why I am a “starvingContinue reading “The Kamala/Pence Fly Trap”

Don the Con-Trump-Tagious

By Mr. Schnell Has the Covid Super Spreader been released from the hospital? After his joy ride yesterday I quit watching the shit show. Did he really have Covid? Was he really given any meds? How much did all the medications he receive cost? Is President Guinea Pig contagious? Was he ever? Do you believeContinue reading “Don the Con-Trump-Tagious”

Updating Our Cartoon

By Mr. Schnell Originally Trump was asymptomatic. We had to take the “A” out of “Asymptomatic Carrier” in our original cartoon and make it read “SYMPTOMATIC CARRIER” to stay current with news updates. (Also, Donnie has been upgraded to the “Super Spreader” category and requires strict isolation and quarantine.) As more MISINFORMATION is reported weContinue reading “Updating Our Cartoon”

Rose Garden Super Spreader Event Infects GOP

By Mr. Schnell Everybody who is anybody (ie high dollar rich republican donors) and current GOP elected office holders got invited to the Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett in the White House Rose Garden. Sometime after the ceremony Trump tested positive for “mild” Covid 19 and then airlifted to Walter Reed militaryContinue reading “Rose Garden Super Spreader Event Infects GOP”


by Mr. Schnell Surprise! Surprise! After months of next to nothing Corona virus policy, not following even basic precautions, ignoring 200,000+ deaths nation wide, and promoting super spreader rallies “Don the Con” tests Positive to Covid 19. Many think this is just another White House “little donnie” distraction and LIE. Better call in the reinforcementContinue reading “TRUMP TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID 19”

Should There Be Two More Debates?

by Mr. Schnell Joe Biden has way more self control than I could ever muster up when dealing with the likes of infantile little donnie. When I was a kid, I would immediately lash out! Rocks, sticks, my fists, pellet rifle … what ever. If I needed to concentrate, I needed quiet. Time to think,Continue reading “Should There Be Two More Debates?”

The Biden/Trump Debate

by Mr. Schnell I watched bits and pieces of “The Little donnie Shouting Match”. Donnie interrupted Joe Biden so many times I couldn’t hear what was being said. The moderator was more like a babysitter for little donnie but little donnie was out of control and impossible to handle. Was his diaper soiled? Was itContinue reading “The Biden/Trump Debate”

Is Paying Taxes A Patriotic Thing To Do?

By Mr. Schnell The United States is a nice place to live. To keep it nice costs a little money. Libraries, street repair, firemen, fire stations, hospitals, street lamps, the military, Air Force One, tank parts, military retirements, free hospital care for elected officials, parties for Trump’s kids, government corruption. All these things cost andContinue reading “Is Paying Taxes A Patriotic Thing To Do?”