Anti-Lockdown Protesters

April 20, 2020 (Mr. Schnell looks a couple weeks into the future to May 4th, 2020.) I spent almost four decades taking care of patients on ventilators. No one that survived described it as a wonderful experience. They generally expressed the opposite. Gagging, choking, mucous plugs, inability to talk, suctioning, aggressive pulmonary toilet and aContinue reading “Anti-Lockdown Protesters”

Yes, I’m violating the hell out of community standards

Originally posted on THE SHINBONE STAR:
Nurses block traffic as Trumpian baboons try to “liberate” Colorado. You know, I really didn’t plan to write today, but looking at some of these goddamned pictures was like putting my balls in a meat grinder and turning the crank. I don’t think I can adequately convey my contempt…

Michigan Protest

by Mr. Schnell You can’t accuse the corona virus of Ammosexuality. Was the goal to protest till Corona Virus positive in Michigan? Packed in like sardines, cough cough, they surely achieved that goal. I am trying … really trying to believe there is still hope for mankind.


by Mr. Schnell I have been pretty critical lately, haven’t I?Maybe too harsh? He is human with feelings after all! Oh sure, he ain’t perfect ; cheats at golf, incessant tweeting, holding hate rallies, cusses, hate talk, racism, adulterer, corrupt, demands blind obedience, dismantles government safety nets (the White House pandemic team), and “misappropriates” taxpayerContinue reading “LOOK WHAT DONALD SENT!”

Cleatis-Dwayne LeRoy Rotgut Jr. Got His Check And He Is One Happy MAGA Hat

by Mr. Schnell “The real irony is that people who complain about socialism and welfare will now have a socialistic welfare check with Donald Trump’s fucking name on it.” I got this wonderful quote from another blogger and editorial cartoonist. For more here is his link to that blog post. Name Shame I received aContinue reading “Cleatis-Dwayne LeRoy Rotgut Jr. Got His Check And He Is One Happy MAGA Hat”

Inspiring Words From Our Corona Virus War President To The Troops

by Mr. Schnell Former Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, called the Captain of the United States aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt stupid in a speech on board the carrier to the crew! “What the Fuck!!!”(Reaction by a sailor heard in the background audio during the speech.) “Man Overboard” should have been the nextContinue reading “Inspiring Words From Our Corona Virus War President To The Troops”

“It Could Never Happen Here!”

by Mr. Schnell Inside The Bubble The Blissfully Ignorant Believe Garbage And Rubble Propaganda Corruption Money And Lies; “Abnormal” Describes Their Deplorable Lives Planned Well Insidious Creep A Cult Spell Makes Normal Folk Weep. Countries Near And Far Recognize “How Brainwashed We Are!” Exceptional, Arrogant The Nationalist Flame Head In The Sand When Coronavirus Came.Continue reading ““It Could Never Happen Here!””

Corona Virus Booklet

by Mr. Schnell This is a compilation of cartoons thrown together to make a booklet. I am old school and like to hold a manuscript or book or magazine, peruse then leave it where I found it. That isn’t a great idea in light of today’s viral pandemic. So I decided it is best toContinue reading “Corona Virus Booklet”