Who Voted For Benedict Arnold?

By Mr. Schnell (Disclaimer: This blog is cynical, satirical and sarcastic) Who voted for Moscow’s Manchurian Candidate? For starters … these two “Wanna-Be Russians” and the “MAGAt” larvae behind them. But it doesn’t end here. Not only did they vote for the Fascist Führer but they supported his January 6th, 2021, sneak attack on theContinue reading “Who Voted For Benedict Arnold?”

It’s Official: Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law

Originally posted on Mock Paper Scissors:
In the famous words of President Handsome Joe Biden, “it’s a big eff’ing deal.”  Anyway, they got their act back and on the road, as it were: https://twitter.com/POTUS/status/1559678752497565696?s=20&t=S0GImCwJgrUBjj2wFqekYg Still the best. But I digest. After two years of breathlessly covering every twist and turn of Manchinema’s treachery and perfidy…

Wolf Pup Meadow Condominium

by Mr. Schnell No Electricity, No Water, No Sewage. Pack in Pack out. My buddy lives close by. He has a tractor. He put the Wolf Pup on site. My pickup is two-wheel drive and kept spinning on the grass. No traction. But that tractor had no problem at all. People keep telling me toContinue reading “Wolf Pup Meadow Condominium”

Dictators and “Wanna-Be” Dictators Come In All Shapes and Sizes

By Mr. Schnell America had a coup attempt on January 6th, 2021. Trump and his minions catalyzed the ensuing chaos that fateful day at the Capitol Building while Pence was officially counting and confirming electoral votes. Well … that’s my opinion anyway! Trump has turned this nation into a third world country. No peaceful transferContinue reading “Dictators and “Wanna-Be” Dictators Come In All Shapes and Sizes”

Mr. Schnell is NO Fan of the So-Called “Progressive” Daily Kos Website and He Ain’t Alone

by Mr. Schnell At Daily Kos their blogs are called “diaries”. I would write a blog … oops… I mean a diary, now and again. I would even read other people’s diaries and, also, now and again, write a comment in the comment section. I was basically looking for like-minded individuals, checking out what theyContinue reading “Mr. Schnell is NO Fan of the So-Called “Progressive” Daily Kos Website and He Ain’t Alone”

US Senator Josh Hawley: HaHa AAAAHHH HaaHaa BaaaHaHa

By Mr. Schnell The laughing just won’t stop. That dainty, anything but virile, totally non masculine, scared shitless, mad dash through the Halls of Power by bad ass, fist pumping Hawley had me busting a gut howling. The side stitch still aches a day later and every time I now hear the name “Josh Hawley”Continue reading “US Senator Josh Hawley: HaHa AAAAHHH HaaHaa BaaaHaHa”

Any Where At Any Time In America

By Mr. Schnell The American public is the target rich environment for insane, blood thirsty, well-armed, suicidal, lone wolves. DIRTY MONEY rules. It buys policy. It buys policy makers. It buys GUNS and AMMO. BANG! BANG! BANG! May you dodge a bullet at the grocery store, the elementary school, the night club, the hospital, theContinue reading “Any Where At Any Time In America”

America’s Danger Within

By Mr. Schnell Adolf Hitler wanted more “lebensraum” (living space), so he headed east and attacked Russia. Ukraine was a major objective. Fast forward to 2022 and Czar Putin wants the old “lebensraum” of cold war USSR times, so, like Hitler, he attacks Ukraine. Ukraine just can’t get a break from megalomaniacs. Back here inContinue reading “America’s Danger Within”