My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.

Defenders of Terrorism


It’s very amusing to hear the goons who defended an insurrection go after someone who defended terrorism suspects as a public defender and accuse her of being soft on crime.

When Donald Trump was impeached for using government resources to extort a foreign president for political dirt on an opponent, and then impeached again for inciting a terrorist attack to overturn a democratic election, senators Tom Cotton, John Cornyn, Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley each voted against conviction.

There is no better example of being soft on crime than rejecting to punish terrorists.

Let’s get one thing straight and out into the open: The people who attacked the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, were not protesting. They were not exercising their freedom of speech. They weren’t protesters who just got a little too passionate. They were not people who “loved their country” or who cared about “election…

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America’s Danger Within

By Mr. Schnell

“I would like you to do us a favor though…”

Adolf Hitler wanted more “lebensraum” (living space), so he headed east and attacked Russia. Ukraine was a major objective. Fast forward to 2022 and Czar Putin wants the old “lebensraum” of cold war USSR times, so, like Hitler, he attacks Ukraine.

Ukraine just can’t get a break from megalomaniacs.

Back here in the United States moron, right wing, republican anti-Americans, tired of freedom, democracy, and living in peace elect conman grifter and Russian idiot asset Donald Trump as President. Donald Trump, then tries to corrupt the one man on earth that is not corruptible, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy is trying to rid Ukraine of corruption and also trying to build up his military because he knows he lives next door to the rape, pillage and plundering Genghis Kan of the 21st Century, Vladimir Putin. So what does sleaze bag and all around bone-spur, draft-dodging, coward Donald Trump do? He spews his now infamous quote at Zelenskyy, “I would like you to do us a favor though…”

He tried to extort Hunter Biden’s benign laptop in lieu of the military equipment Congress had already approved for Ukraine! All on orders from fearless leader Comrade Putin, illegitimate son of blood-thirsty, mongrel Joseph Stalin and axe murderer Lizzy Borden.

This led to diaper Don’s impeachment and, later down the road, to his attempted coup Jan. 6th orchestrated by anti-American insurrectionists also on Putin’s payroll (when he had disposable wealth before world supported economic sanctions dried up all the money laundered rubles earmarked to bribe the unpatriotic, pro-authoritarian, despotic GOP and the money to pay Russian Honey-Pots sent to compromise America family values Republican horn dogs).

YUP! America doesn’t need enemies when the likes of Donald Trump and the GOP are “in-house” planning its downfall (under comrade Putin’s orders).

May the Kremlin Butcher burn in hell. May republicans be tried, convicted, and sent to a children’s hospital in Ukraine once all the children have been evacuated. Paint the word “children” on the roof and sides of the hospital. Guaranteed Putin will order a bomb strike now … heinous, subhuman, monster from the evil, dark abyss that he is.  

May there be victory for Ukraine and forever, long standing PEACE!

Wanna see patriotism, courage, bravery … Look at Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people.

Living In The Bubble

by Mr. Schnell

After reading countless comments on Twitter, Facebook, AOL, Daily Kos, and personal correspondences I found there are many people that follow current affairs and are knowledgeable. I also found a staggering, overwhelming amount of people that live in a nice safe, self-perpetuated, sustained, isolation bubble that have no concept of war.

This is now happening in Russia (minus credit cards) … total world news blackout. This bubble has finally been busted by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine! The threat of worldwide nuclear war has beat Major League sports in the ratings. Who’d of thought?!
Instead of world news some Americans watched NASCAR and Sports (Golf, Football, Basketball, and Baseball) and try to get them to read a history book or a GOP banned book.
Same shit different day.
The geopolitical luxury of living in a different hemisphere with Canada and Mexico as bordering neighbors instead of Putin’s Russia
Drone strikes are only allowed on countries that don’t have nuclear weapons.

Americans are smugly tucked away in safety. They comment on Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Daily Kos. Some are sharp and knowledgeable, but others reveal a stunning lack of comprehension especially about war. Not “TV show” war, not computer game war. REAL WAR. And our sanitized corporate media reporting won’t show the gritty, blood and guts of the battlefield. They protect the sensitive viewers who can’t handle the reality of a nightmare in real time.

I ran across this twitter post from Ukraine. The pictures and video are very graphic and will be very disturbing. Do not view this if you can’t handle seeing the results of man versus high explosives and fire head on. This post is War, Ukraine’s struggle, and what it looks like every day.

Again, this Ukrainian post is graphic…

Freedom is not Free. God Bless Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine

Terrorist Putin Annihilates Ukraine and Holds The World Hostage With His Nukes

By Mr. Schnell

In his sick, deranged, evil plot Putin wants a western nation to put boots on the ground and provide military assistance to Ukraine. That will give him the justification to escalate, of course, only in his currently ill and paranoid state of mind! Since the Soviet Union’s collapse his only obsession is to “reunify” and reestablish the USSR. To attain that goal, he bombs and destroys Ukraine, whose only “crime” is the geopolitical misfortune of bordering his broken-up, former USSR. Is this the bait a suicidal, short, balding, old, degenerate, has-been that Trump calls “a genius”, is using to draw the United States and the rest of the “unified” NATO member countries into nuclear war???

Looks that way, at least to me!

These last 7-8 days have been so damn depressing. The previous three years the world dealt with the Covid fiasco, daily dismal, worldwide climate change floods, hurricanes and tornados and now this potential World War III nuclear nightmare scenario!????!!!?

I was watching a news report of a young women fleeing the bombing in eastern Ukraine. She reached the western border and was interviewed by a reporter. She spoke of the killings, the rockets, the planes, and the bombings. In tears she looked upward and said words to the effect that she will never see a clear, blue, peaceful sky and take it for granted: EVER AGAIN! This poor kid! Her sad, choked up, emotional words … the shaking, frightened demeanor … all evidence she had seen, experienced and escaped hell. For now!

I have always been a tree hugger type of guy. When people tell me they need a vacation and take off for Europe or the Bahamas … that is not what a vacation is for me. That is not my escape. I head for seclusion … the woods. Peace, quiet, nature, and unique, short lived, fleeting, scenic skies. I would later return to the rat race, the man-made world, recharged. In short time, however, I wore down and couldn’t wait to get away again. The recharge wasn’t lasting long enough. It got shorter. I finally retired (September 2018). I was praying for at least 5 years of peace, quiet and avoiding people, their nonsense and their contrived urgency.

Then Covid hit in December 2019. So did a return of man’s nonsense and contrived urgencies. (I tried avoiding but you can’t…people are everywhere).

The wife and I isolated, wore masks, and social distanced. Sold everything and moved out of a politically red state to a blue state; far north and far east. Got a new house and bought a small piece of land to fulfill my goal of being able to carry in/carry out camp, camp, and camp some more. I never took the outdoors for granted and cherish every minute I am privileged to be surrounded by it.

Go home, see the wife, shower, resupply, see if she wants to camp (“No? Okay. See you in a couple days.”) then head back to the Wolf Pup, sitting in a field I now call Wolf Pup Meadow.

No more haircuts, no more work schedules, no more petty people nonsense.

I want to give a shout out to my blogger buddy in England, Schnark.

Schnark plays the mandolin and it would be great to have him strumming out some chords while we share a great campfire and watch a gorgeous sky with its ever-changing clouds, colors, and picturesque beauty.

Schnark anytime you are in the area stop by! (I don’t know how to sail but my cartoon persona does.)

Since Putin’s Insanity has the world hostage I have decided to live vicariously through my cartoon characters in their peaceful and sane cartoon world.

There are no nukes here and no petty human contrived urgencies.

May there be renewed freedom and peace on earth. Good night all and may tomorrow bring a better day. Glory to Ukraine.

There are no nukes here and no contrived urgencies

Schnark Music

I don’t play any instruments but always wished I did so I could strum a guitar while sitting by the campfire when camping. I listened to your recordings … they would fit perfectly!!!

The Schnark has been keeping his head down this winter. A new boat is in my care on the Medway, but we’ve not been a float since July except as crew, or in hired craft. I have stories to tell but not the time to give them credit.

I have been instead banging away with my mandolin. I am untaught, and not terribly good. My problem is as I don’t read music tunes come out of my head are expressed by the vibrating strings, suffered by my poor neighbours, and are then immediately lost. Over the years I have tried recording myself, but the recordings are always filed and forgotten. I need someone to engage with me, to listen and tell me no, no, no and perhaps yes, or work harder on that one.

I must now warn you the recordings below are unfinished, they are the result of me…

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Darkness: So Much Darkness

By Mr. Schnell

Evil and madness darken our world of late. Brave Ukrainians fight for their survival against the Monster from Moscow. I am not a religious person but lately I have taken to prayer. I pray for the Monster’s demise.

To watch news post of Russian bombs exploding and showering death on innocent men, women, and children of Ukraine darkens everything everywhere! Hitler has returned from the grave and ironically he is Russian and has nuclear weapons.


F For Putin


Just after I finished this cartoon, CNN reported that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has shut down Russia’s disinformation network…or they’re trying to. Meta is removing posts by supposed “independent” news agencies and fake personas (bots) targetting Ukrainians on Facebook and Instagram. I just checked and despite this announcement from Facebook, Russian state-owned propaganda outlets, posing as news, RT and Sputnik are still posting on Mega’s platforms. As of this writing, Sputnik posted a video 48 minutes ago on Facebook. RT posted a new one six minutes ago. RT and Sputnik running wild and uninhibited on social media is good news for people like Ted Rall, an American cartoonist/columnist who works for Sputnik and has been making whatabout posts deflecting for Putin’s war.

If Meta and other outlets want to shut down propaganda and the litany of pro-Putin bullshit, they need to shut down, not just the face accounts, but RT…

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Victory For Ukraine

By Mr. Schnell

I moved out of a red state to a blue state to escape the willful ignorance, stupidity, anti-democratic, and authoritarian despots of the Republican Party. But the Republican (Russian) National Committee tracked me down anyway and sent mail asking for donations. Obviously, they have not seen my political cartoon work, so I sent them a sample.

The American Putin (Tangerine Limpdick Traitor Drump) has taken over the GOP (with much help from laundered Russian rubles). I have lived and loved the United States for over 60 years and to be in my final chapter of life’s journey and see this disparage to our great nation is beyond words for me. And the last few days of watching the carnage, insanity, and murder from the war of aggression by Trump’s puppet master Putin is quite honestly infuriating. Add to that the bravery and courage shown by Ukraine’s defenders against such overwhelming odds …. it’s quite frankly gut wrenching!

I don’t know what kind of “political correctness” is allowing Russia’s useful idiot Trump to remain free to spew Russian propaganda and incite a riot in our nation’s Capital building, but bullets are now flying in a democratic nation fighting for its very survival from the unwarranted aggression of America’s number one adversary … Russia.

I can find no better words in support of Ukraine than those spoken by Abraham Lincoln November 19, 1863, in Gettysburg;

“… we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion … that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom-and that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

God Bless Democracy. Victory for Ukraine!