My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.

Who Voted For Benedict Arnold?

By Mr. Schnell

(Disclaimer: This blog is cynical, satirical and sarcastic)

Tangerine Traitor with Russian honey-pot Inna Yashchyshyn, alias Anna de Rothschild, and Lindsey “Show Me The Rubles” Graham
(Photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/ Jay Ward Production Characters added)

Who voted for Moscow’s Manchurian Candidate? For starters … these two “Wanna-Be Russians” and the “MAGAt” larvae behind them.

Boris on left, Natasha on right?
(Jeremy Pelzer/Cleveland.com photo)

But it doesn’t end here. Not only did they vote for the Fascist Führer but they supported his January 6th, 2021, sneak attack on the Capitol building during the counting of electoral votes. (Well, maybe not all of them … but a lot!!!)

The Orange Tang Turncoat tweeted, “Be There! It will be wild!”

So, they came armed to the teeth (those that had teeth) with pointy sticks, some stones, knives, high-capacity magazine pistols, a few rifles, a couple pipe bombs and a Molotov cocktail or two; ready to do battle against the world’s beacon of light, liberty, and hope, the United States of America. They came to overthrow the greatest democracy on earth which just happens to possess a nuclear weapons stockpile, as well as a pretty powerful military funded by an annual budget in excess of 800 billion dollars a year (that the Government Accounting Office, GAO, will admit to anyhow)!

Egged on by Senator “Adolf” Hawley of Missouri!

Donald’s mentor and Best-Friend-Forever, Vladimir Putin, Russian dictator, world terrorist, war criminal and over-all bad guy could not have been happier!

The Proud Boys, Oath keepers, Three Percenters, and various other right-wing militia, white supremacist organization, Q-anon, Cult45, brain-washed, low intellect, minimal achieving Trump followers descended on Capitol grounds, in mass, and over ran building security. They even scared Senator Hawley so bad he skedaddled, post haste, out of the building.

The National Guard showed up four hours later at the behest of Vice President Pence and cleared the Capitol Building of insurrectionists. Pence actually doesn’t have the authority to do that, but the Tangerine Tyrant was too busy orchestrating the coup.

Rumor has it the National Guard coaxed the insurrectionists out onto the National Mall with ice cream and cookies.

They had to leave their zip ties and nooses behind or no snacks. Reluctantly they complied and got their ice cream and cookies. Some even got jail time.

Since the insurrection there have been January 6 congressional hearings displaying tons and tons, many tons, of evidence about the planning, preparation and execution of the coup and, not three weeks ago (in August 2022), a search warrant was served on the forgotten guy’s Mar-A-Lago club to retrieve national security documents stolen from the American people that were in the ILLEGAL POSSESSION of Stormy Daniel’s former client, Donald J. Trump.

Knowing all of this some voters still voted for this scumbag.

I discovered I am not the only person upset with current revelations concerning Donald Trump. I am not a fan of Daily Kos but this “diary” from the Daily Kos was brought to my attention, so I felt compelled to share it here.


This brings me back to my original question “Who voted for Benedict Arnold?”

It was a rhetorical question. I know who voted for Donald Trump and so do they.

Meanwhile back in judge’s chamber where Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas contemplates reversing Roe v Wade.

Old people getting their freak on….puke puke.

I close this blog with memes … If I knew the origin of these works of genius, I would give credit to the creators … They say what I wish to say and I thank them.

Stolen back from Mar-A-Lago are these parting cartoons (see below) …. (I have no idea why Trump stole them from my archive and obstructed their recovery. None!)

The nation will be safer and more secure when this happens!

It’s Official: Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law

Mock Paper Scissors

In the famous words of President Handsome Joe Biden, “it’s a big eff’ing deal.”  Anyway, they got their act back and on the road, as it were:

Still the best. But I digest.

After two years of breathlessly covering every twist and turn of Manchinema’s treachery and perfidy and ignoring their obvious corruption,  Our Failed Political Press ™ barely covered this stunning Democratic victory And then it rolled off the front pages of most news websites because: Hair Füror generates clicks.

Anyway, here’s a story:

(CNN)President Joe Biden signed a sweeping $750 billion health care, tax and climate bill into law at the White House on Tuesday — marking a major victory for his administration and the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections.

Biden said during a signing ceremony in the State Dining Room that the legislation, called…

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Wolf Pup Meadow Condominium

by Mr. Schnell

When I gots to get away I head for the condo.

No Electricity, No Water, No Sewage. Pack in Pack out.

My buddy lives close by. He has a tractor. He put the Wolf Pup on site. My pickup is two-wheel drive and kept spinning on the grass. No traction. But that tractor had no problem at all.

My buddy is the “Can-Do” guy.
“Can you put the camper over there?”.
“Yeah, sure, we ‘can do‘ that!”

People keep telling me to put in a power line. Call the electric company and they will put in a pole and hook up, off the existing line nearby.

Nope. I don’t want it. Have you ever noticed when power lines are around there is this ever so faint humming sound? I used to think it was tinnitus but soon realized it came from the power lines. I prefer quiet.

I have a 12-volt battery and propane tank for backup but never use them. I have toyed with solar panels but to be honest I want to get away from technology. I have a bag full of double A and triple A batteries, nine volts, C and D battery cells. An Mp3 player. Tons of flashlights with LED bulbs. Perfect. All I need.

The camper has all the bells and whistles and came in handy for road trips over the years. Indoor bathroom/shower, microwave, two burner gas stove, refrigerator, roomy sleep area, small dining area I converted to additional sleeping quarters. Plenty of storage for folding tables and chairs. Excellent protection from the weather and rumor has it bears roam at night.

But I ain’t doing road trips anymore. Been there done that. Seen enough.

I basically cook outdoors on a camp stove. Camper mainly for sleeping and protection from the elements. The tent for overflow supply storage. When I leave I pack up … only the camper remains. Neighbors in the area keep watch when I am not around.

There is a spring fed pond nearby for swimming and four miles down the road a river for swimming, fishing, and kayaking.

I spent 38 years at the beckon call of others as an ICU nurse.

Once Trump, Covid, the Q-anon crowd and willful ignorant showed up it was time to leave.

I traded insanity for this…

I gave civilization 40 plus years. At this stage of the game I want to sit and watch the birds, deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. I don’t want a cell phone (I used to have to carry a beeper). I don’t want a schedule. I don’t want to be found.

After three days out I come home to resupply and inevitably hear that a celebrity I liked as a kid has died or some fanatic knifed a celebrated author. The madness continues …

Time to go back out … this awaits…

Creativity and the energy cap crisis

The Rivendale Review

Photo by Jem Sanchez on Pexels.com

Why creativity matters now, more than ever

My energy company tells me today there’s good news and bad news. First the good: based on current estimates, I can lower my direct debit a fraction, so I’m only paying twice what I paid for energy, compared with this time last year. The fact I’m also using half the energy, due to drastic economies, takes a bit of the shine off this small concession, and points to the damage caused by the first phase of our so-called energy crisis.

The bad news comes when we factor in what we know about that mysterious body ofgem, and their arcane ruminations regarding the price cap, and its upward trajectory, kicking off in October. The energy company illustrates this neatly with a graph, which has my balance going off a cliff, unless I double what I’m paying again. This…

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Dictators and “Wanna-Be” Dictators Come In All Shapes and Sizes

By Mr. Schnell

Can you pick out the “Wanna-Be” dictators?

America had a coup attempt on January 6th, 2021. Trump and his minions catalyzed the ensuing chaos that fateful day at the Capitol Building while Pence was officially counting and confirming electoral votes. Well … that’s my opinion anyway!

Trump has turned this nation into a third world country. No peaceful transfer of power. Instead … a violent takeover attempt … a coup. Third world here we come.

I came across this article by Stephanie Schoppert for “History Collection” and her first two paragraphs included this quote:

“… dictators can be some of the richest people in the world and leading a country filled with the poorest. They can kill and starve their people with impunity while lining their own pockets. They treat the land and lives of millions as their own personal playgrounds, making people work to increase the fortune of their leaders while they face brutal reprisals if they don’t work.

Many of these dictators are in power due to military coups and some continued to stay in power due to the proxy wars of the cold war. Even as the outright corruption was obvious, inflation skyrocketed and humanitarian groups were unable to function, these leaders were able to stay in power due to brutal enforcement of their regime.”

Here is a link to her article:

The article is interesting and reminded me of the end of Trump’s administration and his attempt to stay in power by staging a coup … just like they do in Africa, Asia, Central and South America third world countries.

Brutality and genocide seem to follow when despots are in power.

All through history evil and corrupt leaders worldwide have gained power and led nations down a road to disaster. Germany’s Hitler, for example, didn’t succeed with his Beer Hall Putsch coup in November of 1923. He learned from it! Later he twisted democratic ideals from the Weimar Republic to win the German chancellorship, then turn democratic Germany into a one-man fascist Nazi nightmare the world will never forget.

He took over from the inside.

History is repeating itself with Trump and his Brown Shirt MAGA, Q-Anon insane, fascist, Republican party. Trump won the election in 2016 and once President he put in three right wingnut Supreme court justices turning the court into a Christian National MAGA majority that would love to diminish or abolish separation of church and state among other diabolical giant leaps backwards. The Taliban has come to roost in the highest court of the land. Our 234-year-old Constitution and freedoms are threatened!!!

The January 6 committee is doing a fantastic job and it would be wonderful to see Donald Trump made accountable for his crimes. Maybe we will be able to save Democracy. Stay tuned.

I am not looking forward to a Pol Pot/Putinesque world under Donald Trump or his cult of misfit ne’er-do-wells in 2024. There won’t be NO voting for fascist right-wing brown shirts in my house.

Joe Biden saved this country by legally winning in 2021.

Democrats must win in the 2022 midterm elections. Democracy is at stake.





Tiny Donald T (wanna-be dictator): unknown meme from internet (If I knew I would give credit)

Putin (dictator currently committing war crimes): unknown meme from internet (If I knew I would give credit)

*Ginni G-String (Wanna-be dictator): en.wikipedia.org

*Stalin (brutal murdering dictator when alive): britannica.com

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*Santos(brutal dictator): howafrica.com

*Deby(brutal dictator): alchetron.com

*Taylor(brutal dictator): http://www.telegraph.co.uk

*(Names added to photos by Mr. Schnell)

Mr. Schnell is NO Fan of the So-Called “Progressive” Daily Kos Website and He Ain’t Alone

by Mr. Schnell

At Daily Kos their blogs are called “diaries”. I would write a blog … oops… I mean a diary, now and again. I would even read other people’s diaries and, also, now and again, write a comment in the comment section. I was basically looking for like-minded individuals, checking out what they were writing about, looking for intelligent conversation and ideas. I would sometimes even add one of my cartoons. I thought the Daily Kos website was a place to throw out ideas, learn about others, joke some, and maybe showcase my work. I am retired, have time on my hands, and wasn’t looking for work or anything … just killing time and keeping up on current events. Maybe get a whiff of fresh air from new ideas.

The next thing I know some censor enters the picture telling me what to write, how to write, correcting my spelling, syntax and getting all pompous … not on “diaries” but about some “off-the-cuff” benign comment I made to some other benign comment.

As time went on more censors, more restrictions and more flags. I am asking myself, “What is going on?” I thought this was a more or less open forum of ideas and conversations. A bit more free, spontaneous, give-and-take. As the badgering increased and more censorship, I decided to search the web and find what others encountered at Daily Kos.

I found an interesting site:


Daily Kos has a consumer rating of 1.91 stars from 43 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied.

I was not alone in my opinion of the Daily Kos. A number of people had written quite descriptive reviews of their trials and tribulations, and I felt I could relate to each of them. I pasted 9 comments below.

Here are those reviews (you can also go to the link above and read them at sitejabber.com if you prefer). I certainly could not have said it any better than the reviewers here.

  1. richardr527
    Richard R.
    1 review 27 helpful votes
    Close-minded groupthink is not liberal
    March 22nd, 2019
    The news articles are usually fairly good, though the reporters often miss important events. Diaries are often of less quality. But the comments are often naive and biased. I had enjoyed free and open discourse at Firedog Lake for several years, but when that closed the only alternative was, sadly, DailyKos. Other commenters there frequently lack the acumen to understand my posts; and if someone makes an observation they don’t agree with, especially from an actual progressive stance, the moderators are quick to ban that person. So, the website poses as a “liberal” forum, but in reality is quite provincial, pedantic and conservative, pernicious to the progressive cause.

2. Ogeraldineh26
Starry G.
2 reviews 2 helpful votes
Outrageously Unfair and Biased Forum
May 24th, 2022
I receive DailyKos newsletter and I often sign petitions of theirs which is fine. Their online site where users comment in response to articles however is outrageously unfair and severely censors any opinion different from theirs even if your comment is free from foul language, slurs, threats, or anything remotely offensive. The administrators also refused to delete account as requested. I’ve unsubscribed to their newsletter and refuse to have anything to do with them. They are trash.

Tip for consumers:
Don’t create profile to write comments because it will be permanent and comments are unfairly censored and members banned for no valid reason.

3. govb1
Gov B.
1 review 0 helpful votes
Avoid this spam generating site
January 26th, 2022
While I support much of their progressive actions, they use underhanded spamming tactics. By signing one petition, they automatically add your email to several other lists without your consent because they don’t give you a choice not to subscribe. Sneaky at best, possibly illegal. Their unsubscribe method is also underhanded: no way to unsubscribe from all their lists at once, requiring multiple actions to unsubscribe one at a time. Totally deceitful.

Tip for consumers:
Don’t sign up for any of their emails.

4. johnw3696
John W.
1 review 26 helpful votes
Daily Kos is NOT progressive
February 19th, 2021
Extreme censorship and intolerance towards any opposing or independent views. Anti-democratic values. Too much group think behavior and bullying tactics promoting a reckless “cancel culture”. They do not offer any refunds on subscription membership dues and their paid staff is practically nonresponsive and unavailable.

5. simperf
Simper F.
1 review 3 helpful votes
An incestuous cesspool of poseurs and navel-gazers
December 18th, 2021
Don’t waste your time at Daily Kos if you want to get anything done politically, or if you want to have constructive discussions. If you want to bicker about useless minutiae, bully others to make yourself feel better, or grandstand and gift your way to “resistance” glory, then DKos is the place for you. Worship the founder, stay away from “identity politics”, and never critique white liberalism. Do those simple things and you will be popular, nay, beloved. Step outside of the warm light of benevolent dominionism, and you will be crushed with the weight of a thousand liberal tears. If you’re serious about progressive politics, stay away from them. You’ll just wind up jaded and spiritually drained.

6. maxm340
Max M.
1 review 5 helpful votes
Total F-ing A-holes
November 19th, 2021
Liberals are doomed. And I’m a liberal. I went to DK looking for liberal friends, and instead found a bunch of total jerks. Very hurt and disappointed. Honestly a huge waste of time.

This is the kind of place where a person can write a solid, well-researched, entertaining article about any subject from environmentalism to trickle-down economics… but if the author employs some generic phrase that some of the liberals there object to, that’s all they’ll focus on.

Most of the users at DK have been there for years, and I have to say that most of them are pretty decent, intelligent, and informed souls. Some are even entertaining.

But there are groups within the group there, so they tend to ignore and patronize new users. They also spend a remarkable time rehashing churlish jealousies and petty rivalries, since almost everybody there is in competition to write a “diary” that’s featured on the front page.

80% of the folks are good, but you’ll never get to know them.
15% of them are “Liberal Stinkers” who seem to live to be insulted and see racism in everything.
And about 5% of them are total jerks.

A worthless site, on the whole, all it does is generate advertising revenue for the owner, who is so detached from the scene that he can’t even see how many of the jerks are literally driving new members away.

So… your mileage may vary, but the Daily Kos is hardly the liberal oasis it pretends to be.

It’s a childish, petty, non-sensical (no block buttons) little corner of the universe filled with attention whores and virtue signalers.


7. virginiat34
Virginia T.
1 review 34 helpful votes
Censoring groupthink site – avoid!
October 16th, 2017
I have no problem with “slant” per se on a website – all sites have them, you read them or you don’t – but the problem with DailyKos isn’t slant. It’s the site’s proto-fascism in demanding absolute adherence to a particular set of ideas (and as a prof of political science I don’t use the term “fascism” lightly). DailyKos says it doesn’t remove posts, but it does worse – it gives “trusted” users complete power to flag and censor comments, and it takes just two such flags to remove your comment. This means that no deviation from what these users consider the “correct” one, even a “friendly amendment,” is allowed. As a result of this abdication of responsibility by the editors, a few narrow-minded ideologues are free to act as gatekeepers to stifle democratic discussion. I discovered this the hard way: like another person commenting here, I offered my firsts comment (polite, no unprofessional language, just calling for caution on the Russia question) and was promptly trashed and insulted by a string of childish nasty responses calling me a bot, a “kamikazi drone strike,” etc. Worse, the very first reply “flagged” my comment for deletion and it was then “hidden” along with the nasty replies so my point was effectively censored. As someone who is regularly trashed for being too “liberal” I found this astounding! All a reader has to do to remove a view s/he doesn’t like is flag it? How convenient! And my effort to reach the editors to protest came to nothing. Aside from the damage to any democratic ethos, DailyKos only reinforces stereotypes about progressive politics rather than breaking them down. I’ve found some info from its mail lists useful, which I’ll miss, but I don’t think this kind of nasty groupthink should be encouraged so I will unsubscribe and encourage others to do the same.

8. jamesm480
James M.
2 reviews 47 helpful votes
Group-think only is allowed these days – Daily Kos is a con job
July 16th, 2016
Daily Kos has interesting political mini-articles and some insightful commentary after them. However, it is no longer a go to site for me because it’s become nothing but a propaganda tool for the founder’s favorite presidential candidate. It’s poorly run, with far too little proactive and responsible moderation. Any Democrats writing on the site who criticize Hillary Clinton, or express any opinions that are outside the scope of what the owner and a certain group of users believe is acceptable for a Democrat are immediately swarmed with insults, called “shills,” “rightwing,” “libertarians,” and so on, and by flagging those who don’t fit their narrow definition of what it means to be a Democrat, they get those voices banned immediately. Why would a thinking person want to frequent such a site, let alone contribute to it?

I’m a flaming liberal and I don’t consider censuring differing and/or critical voices, especially those from within, a liberal position.

Rather, I consider it authoritarian and unhealthy for any community. For that reason, I do not feel Daily Kos deserves to be called a politically liberal or progressive website.

In fact, the censuring of diverse voices of even other Democrats has become so incessant, I now have doubts as to whether the site is even what it claims to be. It appears to me that what it really is is a way to make money for the owner. Other people do all the writing at no cost to him and he makes money from the site, while at the same time promoting himself in liberal/Democratic circles so that he has access to even more influence, and thereby, more economic opportunity. Now that I’ve reached that conclusion, I feel like I’ve been had. I don’t read the site anymore because I won’t lend my support to a con artist.

9. staceyh89
stacey h.
1 review 33 helpful votes
It’s A Club
August 28th, 2018
Have been reading daily kos for awhile and began noticing the posters are mostly the same and they speak to each other with the familiarity of a club. Which is fine, until you ask some questions they don’t want to hear. Have you ever read the rules of the road over there? What hogwash. So if an established poster tells you “you can die mad”… that’s fine… but push the issue, try to expand your question and you are dismissed like you’re nothing to them. They appear to break down into the bullies and the bowers… thanks but no thanks
I’m a big girl who has seen bullies before and will again… just always startling when it happens where you thought they were better than that.

Mr. Schnell won’t be going back to the Daily Kos website anytime soon. I don’t have time to waste with their pompous “provincial, snobby club” … plus there are plenty of other bloggers here on WordPress to read and converse with in a civil and friendly manner.

Have a good day.

AAAAAaaahhhh, breathing better already…

US Senator Josh Hawley: HaHa AAAAHHH HaaHaa BaaaHaHa

By Mr. Schnell

The laughing just won’t stop. That dainty, anything but virile, totally non masculine, scared shitless, mad dash through the Halls of Power by bad ass, fist pumping Hawley had me busting a gut howling. The side stitch still aches a day later and every time I now hear the name “Josh Hawley” it brings back a mental image of his record setting run to safety AWAY from the very mob he helped incite.

Gotta give Hawley credit, he knows his low intellect constituency. In the grips of a crazed mob mentality feeding frenzy this stampeding herd was looking for blood and they weren’t in the least bit discerning. Hawley hightailed it out of there in quick order.

However, he is also, now, one long, continuous, never ending, “running” joke. (I know…I know … bad pun…sorry!) I have read the word “laughingstock” in a place or two today. Quite appropriate.

That record setting jackrabbit hightail out of the building has immortalized Joshua and rumor is his “route out” of the building is being marked down the middle of the hallway with a “yellow stripe” for future “tourists”. Possible GQP annual track and field event; “Save Your Own Ass From the Angry Maggot Mob Insurrectionists We Incite” 50 yard dash and later expand to a 3K or 5K event … Sponsored by the new Donald Trump athletic line of running shoe … this is an endless goldmine for entrepreneurs and Magat politicians to make money off their elected office (which is currently the only reason Magats seek elected office these days).

I left Missouri last year … and so happy I did … so monumentally happy I did! He ain’t my Senator. I didn’t vote for that dipshit.

I would write more but I gotta see all the Hawley memes and cartoons on line … there are more “Running” memes and cartoons than insurrectionists of Jan 6th ….. LOL!

For the coffee mug and t-shirt industry this is merchandising gold.

Thank you, Josh, for the humor and levity. It is much needed and appreciated. Your Mom and Dad must be proud.

Adios My Friends, You’re On Your Own

Any Where At Any Time In America

By Mr. Schnell

The American public is the target rich environment for insane, blood thirsty, well-armed, suicidal, lone wolves. DIRTY MONEY rules. It buys policy. It buys policy makers. It buys GUNS and AMMO. BANG! BANG! BANG!

May you dodge a bullet at the grocery store, the elementary school, the night club, the hospital, the comedy club, the synagogue, the local Baptist church, the fast-food drive thru, the rock concert, the football stadium, the gas station, any highway or road … ANY WHERE AT ANY TIME.

If you haven’t been shot or killed today … well … that’s considered a good day in America.

Have a good day!

America’s Danger Within

By Mr. Schnell

“I would like you to do us a favor though…”

Adolf Hitler wanted more “lebensraum” (living space), so he headed east and attacked Russia. Ukraine was a major objective. Fast forward to 2022 and Czar Putin wants the old “lebensraum” of cold war USSR times, so, like Hitler, he attacks Ukraine.

Ukraine just can’t get a break from megalomaniacs.

Back here in the United States moron, right wing, republican anti-Americans, tired of freedom, democracy, and living in peace elect conman grifter and Russian idiot asset Donald Trump as President. Donald Trump, then tries to corrupt the one man on earth that is not corruptible, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy is trying to rid Ukraine of corruption and also trying to build up his military because he knows he lives next door to the rape, pillage and plundering Genghis Kan of the 21st Century, Vladimir Putin. So what does sleaze bag and all around bone-spur, draft-dodging, coward Donald Trump do? He spews his now infamous quote at Zelenskyy, “I would like you to do us a favor though…”

He tried to extort Hunter Biden’s benign laptop in lieu of the military equipment Congress had already approved for Ukraine! All on orders from fearless leader Comrade Putin, illegitimate son of blood-thirsty, mongrel Joseph Stalin and axe murderer Lizzy Borden.

This led to diaper Don’s impeachment and, later down the road, to his attempted coup Jan. 6th orchestrated by anti-American insurrectionists also on Putin’s payroll (when he had disposable wealth before world supported economic sanctions dried up all the money laundered rubles earmarked to bribe the unpatriotic, pro-authoritarian, despotic GOP and the money to pay Russian Honey-Pots sent to compromise America family values Republican horn dogs).

YUP! America doesn’t need enemies when the likes of Donald Trump and the GOP are “in-house” planning its downfall (under comrade Putin’s orders).

May the Kremlin Butcher burn in hell. May republicans be tried, convicted, and sent to a children’s hospital in Ukraine once all the children have been evacuated. Paint the word “children” on the roof and sides of the hospital. Guaranteed Putin will order a bomb strike now … heinous, subhuman, monster from the evil, dark abyss that he is.  

May there be victory for Ukraine and forever, long standing PEACE!

Wanna see patriotism, courage, bravery … Look at Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people.