My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.

Is Paying Taxes A Patriotic Thing To Do?

By Mr. Schnell

The United States is a nice place to live. To keep it nice costs a little money. Libraries, street repair, firemen, fire stations, hospitals, street lamps, the military, Air Force One, tank parts, military retirements, free hospital care for elected officials, parties for Trump’s kids, government corruption. All these things cost and all these things are funded by tax revenue and these are the things that make America … well … America! So in my humble opinion … yeah … it is patriotic to pay your taxes and support the life styles of donald and Ivanka.

And it is also the law … (unless, of course, you are above the law, then you do whatever you want or not want. Again, of course, this only applies to GOP rich people or GOP government people that have conned you into thinking they are rich.)

Recently, after a 4-5 year wait, the grifter the Electoral College put in the Oval Office in Washington DC in 2017 had his taxes released to the public. For a period of 10 years out of the last 15 or so he didn’t pay any taxes. When he did pay taxes, like in 2017, he paid $750. Well, he is the president, so I guess he can break any law he wants. I am not saying he broke any laws mind you! I mean it might be perfectly okay, when you are president, to not pay taxes. ( See cartoon above.) I am not a tax lawyer, CPA, or part of the IRS. If there is a problem with Trump’s malfeasance I am confident they would let us know. Always trust your government. Right? Of course! Otherwise we would be “Losers and Suckers”.

I do remember something about Al Capone. He broke lots of laws but nothing could be proven because he was a mobster thug and made sure no witnesses made it to court. Then they checked his tax records and the next thing you know he was sent to Alcatraz Island. Of course he wasn’t President of the United States. He should have become President but again hindsight is 20/20. Which brings us to the year 2020 and release of tax documents. To sum it all up here is a poem:

The GOP’s Spin on what a tax fraud donnie has been, will make him sound like a tax paying saint; something we all know he ain’t. He is a thug like Al Capone, whose ass the IRS owned. But have no fear, Vladimir Putin is here. He will pay the debt, for the Oval Office Whore he’s kept.

In 2020 President’s don’t have to be patriotic and they don’t have to obey laws. The prez can make stuff up as he goes and change things anytime it is beneficial for him to change stuff… like nominating supreme court justices. Normally that would be done after the newly elected President takes the oath of office. Not anymore. They changed the rules mid stream. So Trump nominated Carrie’s mother to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Play video below).

President’s can be on other government’s payroll and accept money from other countries to run for re-election (especially when their taxes show they are broke and owe the country one hundred million dollars with interest). They can even openly profit from the office and use the office of the presidency for personal gain while in office. I used to think you couldn’t do all this stuff and there are laws against it but when you have a bought and paid for bribed Republican Senate majority you can get away with anything. White collar crime pays in America (at least that is what is looks like to the rest of the world).

The campaign for president is in full swing. Former campaign manager for Trump, Brad Parscale, recently made news in Florida.

Trump went to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and encountered loud chants he claimed he could not hear but the rest of the world did indeed hear. Donald may need hearing aids if he didn’t hear the chants and booing. They were loud enough to wake the recently departed.

So much going on in America it feels like a “flight of ideas” rant. Maybe it is!

I just heard our anti-mask governor and his wife tested covid positive. It gets me a little riled when others try to infect me with their germs. I drew a cartoon but please, if you are offended by profanity please don’t read the words in red. Thanks. I would hate to offend any one with my frustrations and poor vocabulary.

It is time to fill out my mail in presidential ballot so I will quit rambling. Stay safe, no matter what you are told by the GOP nut cases in elected office (their only goal is self enrichment so they can buy back their evangelical soul from Satan). Isolate, social distance, keep washing your hands, and wear a mask until a vaccination is proven effective.

Shock Collars

By Mr. Schnell

I like four legged furry creatures, especially dogs, and would never put a shock collar on one. Never. But what about two-legged, racist, wanna be dictators? A shock collar would be perfect. Deliver 90 volts with the push of a button. Painful but not lethal (it is the amperage that is lethal not the volts). Repeat Repeat Repeat till your thumb gets tired.

Since Biden picked Harris the Democratic ticket is off and running and I have been overjoyed. I put the mute button on everything Trump three days ago; right after I heard Biden picked Kamala Harris. I can’t stand the sound of Trump’s voice or his third grade mentality but still catch twitter grapevine about his stupidity and anti-American tirades. I was thinking how nice it would be to put a shock collar on him and every time he “barks” his lies shock him! Of course doing that in real life might be problematic and possibly illegal but nothing wrong living the dream by putting pen to paper.

The Trump Shock Collar is wonderful. 90 painful volts at your fingertips. Just the thought brings a smile.

Of course, as a law abiding citizen, unlike the current misogynist, racist, thief currently looting the national treasury from the Oval Office, I wouldn’t engage in torture in real life but not so sure evil Trump isn’t torturing someone in the White House bunker right now. (Given the opportunity, you know he would order the water-boarding and shock torturing of Michael Cohen for writing “DISLOYAL”, that tell all Golden Shower, Russian Collusion expos`e.)

It is also nice listening to Kamala Harris trash Trump on a national stage daily! Trump’s greatest fear come to life … an intelligent woman of color with a bullhorn telling an attentive, listening world what a perverted, misogynist, thieving scumbag he is in words he has to have Ivanka look up and translate into third grade for his remedial understanding. Now that I can listen to.

I just heard Pence talk about not letting Biden and Harris “cut the red meat for them.” ??? Sounds like somethings Gov. Goober Parson of Missouri would say to his high school dropout, meth head supporters.

I could ramble on but it is a nice, cool day to get out and cut the grass. You all take care as COVID 19 numbers continue to rise in the United States. We don’t have a plan, we don’t have leadership but we do have a banana republic.

Everyone Around Donald Tests Positive Except Donald

By Mr. Schnell

25 Secret Service Agents: Positive. Quarantined.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, donnie-little’s current main squeeze: Positive. Quarantined.

Robert Obrien, Trump National Security Advisor: Positive. Quarantined.

8 Campaign staffers for the Tulsa Oklahoma Rally: Positive. Quarantined.

Herman Cain, Trump suck up and Tulsa Rally attendee: Positive. Quarantined.

Unidentified Marine assigned to Trump helicopter: Positive (July 23rd). Quarantined

Cafeteria Worker caused closure of two cafeterias: Eisenhower Executive Office Building and new Executive Office Building: Positive. Quarantined.

Trump Personal Valet, brought Trump his Diet cokes, US Military Member: Positive. Quarantined.

Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant: Positive. Quarantined.

Katie Miller, Trump suck up and speech writer Stephen Miller’s wife: Positive. Quarantined.

Fabio Wajhgarten, Communication Secretary to Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro: Positive. Quarantined.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil and his wife Michelle: Positive. Quarantined.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain: Positive. Hospitalized, Treated, Released.

Unidentified CPAC Attendee hanging out with Trump, Cruz and Gaetz: Positive. Quarantined.

Rand Paul, U.S. Senator that got his ass kicked by a neighbor: Positive. Hospitalized. Released.

Mike Pence Staffer: Positive. Quarantined.

This isn’t the complete list but it will do.

The question is: How has Trump escaped contamination while living so intimately in the White House petri dish?

We suspect Dallas-based Nigerian Pediatrician Dr. Stella Immanuel may have some answers.

Add alien DNA, hydoxychloroquine, zinc, and demon semen to the mix and we just may have the secret potion keeping possible super-spreader, asymptomatic carriers free of the signs, symptoms and ravages of CoVid 19. Of course those in close proximity appear exceptionally vulnerable.

Hmmm. Curse or cure?

Let’s ask Dr. Fauci.

Looks like Dr. Fauci is currently dealing with showboat ankle biter, and world famous Ohio asshole, Congressman Gym “Way To Tight” Jockstrap Jordan.

We will check back later once the Congressman has been muzzled.

Until then, stay safe and don’t listen to, or even get close to Trump. Your life depends on it.

“It Is What It Is” Memorial Cemetery 160,000 Strong and Growing

By Mr. Schnell

Do you know how many dead people are buried in Trump’s CoVid 19 Cemetery?

All of them! (More sure to come.)

What goes up in the United States but never goes down?

CoVid cases.

What is more important than you, your kids, and your family?

Donald Trump (according to Donald Trump).

What comes before country?

Donald Trump (according to Donald Trump).

And finally (according to Donald Trump); When the going gets tough what does Donald do?

Donald quits and gives up.

It is what it is!

Mr. Schnell’s Apology To Fellow Bloggers And Other Stuff

by Mr. Schnell

I recently got on Twitter and am spending way to much time interacting with like minded tweeters and fear I may have neglected my WordPress bloggers and for that I apologize. I like the wordpress format and won’t let it happen again. Sorry.

Now … on to “OTHER STUFF”

Recently the Governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, visited Washington DC and took part in Trump’s Round table suck up. Below is the link on C-SPAN of Little Mikie’s contribution:

Parson talks about leadership.

After watching I went straight to the drawing board.

This is all way to soon after Trump’s July Fourth Mount Rapemore visit…

and the arrest of alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

I increased my vocabulary with some British slang I had to look up after she got arrested: “Bint” for Ghislaine and “Bellend” for the suicided Epstein. I read it in one of the many British tabloids.

Bint is British slang for a woman or girl, but it is always disparaging and offensive and signals the user as lower class and unrefined.

 Bellend is British vulgar slang The glans of the penis. 1.1. An annoying or contemptible man.

Both terms I find highly appropriate when referring to Ghislaine and Jeffrey, respectively.

My internet link is waning on and off so I am gonna end this blog with a few more memes …

The Anti-mask crowd of “Kens” and “Karens” have been out in force.

This moron lost his job over his Costco tirade.
Gold digger Kimberly of the Gargoyle clan is CoVid-19 Positive.

The Trump Brand world wide

Closing this blog. Take care all!

About Wearing A Mask

by Mr. Schnell

All you gotta do is go outside to the local park and start walking with a mask on and it will trigger someone into an anti-mask rage. I just keep on walking, mask hiding my smile. Ahh pissed off another one!

Remember when “MYOB” was the standard. Mind Your Own Business. Not today. Today everyone is into other people’s business. They just have to see what you are doing, have to comment, criticize, give you the stink eye, even make a scene. It has something to do with social media I am sure. I just keep on walking. I might even let my shoe lace untie and purposely not retie it … oh that will compound whatever insult my mere presence wearing a mask started.

I also carry some of my cartoons with me; cut outs I have laminated.

It is their favorite color, ORANGE, and it is kinda cute in a sick, demented sorta way but I never get any takers. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

Things will not get better without a vaccine.

It Doesn’t Get Any More Benedict Arnold Than This!

By Mr. Schnell

Donald knew about Russia’s bounty on American and British soldiers. His silence reads COMPLICITY in my book. We have a traitor in our midst it appears. So what is gonna be done? Like everything the last three and a half years … NOTHING!

Trump will be speaking at Pervert Mountain this July Fourth Holiday. I was worried he might be speaking at Mount Rushmore but Rapist Hills is more his speed.

Meme found on Twitter.

And I suppose by now you all have heard the FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell the British socialite and companion of “suicided” Jeffrey Epstein. Now we will be hearing the names Dershowitz, Clinton, Trump, Trump, Trump, Pedophile Island, Prince Andrew, Prince Andrew, Prince Andrew, Lolita Express, and Trump associated with underage girls, sex trafficking, and sex slaves. Not only that but since Bill Barr is the current mob lawyer for the Trump syndicate we are gonna hear more about him and his famous father, Donald Barr, who wrote a book called “Space Relations” about elites and sex slave kids set in the future. It is widely believed that Jeffrey Epstein mirrored his sex life after this trash novel. Also, Bill Barr’s father was headmaster of a private school that Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher but had no college degree. Lots of dots to connect and with Ghislaine now in custody maybe that task will be easier unless she gets “Epsteined”. Remember now … this is America … and we no longer have law and order. Only corruption.

If you would like to read Donald Barr’s novel “Space Relations” here is a link to the pdf file.

Nothing like having friends in powerful positions when you are in trouble.

Time to shoot off some fireworks. Take care all.

Missouri Makes The Front Page Again!

by Mr. Schnell

Once crypt keeper Patricia McCloskey stood on her cemetery style lawn pointing a semi-automatic handgun at pedestrians walking past her million dollar mausoleum style Palazzo while her husband stood guard on the porch with an AR-15, Missouri was in for it AGAIN!!! The state is already notorious for moonshine, meth labs, hillbillies, willful ignorance, Lax Gun Laws, red state “plantation wife” mentality, coat hanger back alley abortions, end time evangelical Christian fanatics, confederate flags, obedient Trump GOP senator lap dogs Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, sinking duck boat tourist death traps, racism, Ferguson riots, Lake of the Ozarks Covid cove incubation parties, pissing in the water, and Box Car Willie; now we have to contend with “Ken and Karen” commando, pink shirt, mustard stain fashion statements.

Sure, guns were pointed every where; at each other, at pedestrians, to the left, to the right, up, sometimes down, fingers on triggers, fingers off triggers, tempers flaring, profanity escalating … it wasn’t pretty.

Then comes MUSTARD STAINS and PINK SHIRTS???! Oh Jeez! That’s blood in the water for social media fashion Nazis.

No make up, hair not done, and the final fashion straw to break the camel’s back … BAREFOOTED. Huckleberry Finn BAREFOOT! Wait. What? One of them had socks on. Praise the Lord … there is a God!

However, if you are gonna brandish the finest in home security semi-automatic firearms at least dress the part. Is it too much to ask for camo, Kevlar, and combat boots?! Missouri has a reputation to uphold. Do your part for God’s sake!

I am done here and need a break. Time for the Lake and some bar hopping socializing. Y’all stay safe and if you get the chance come visit the Show-Me State but don’t forget your guns.


Donald Trump Coloring Book Volume II

by Mr. Schnell

Just finished Volume II of my Donald Trump Coloring book. Here it is. Volume One was so wildly popular a follow up was needed. Most of you are familiar with my political cartoons so we put a new bunch together for this second run to document Trumps insanity in coloring book cartoon fashion. It was fun finding all my black and white sketches (old school here…still use paper and pen).

Back Cover

It is nonstop chaos as Trump plans to steal the election and cheat at the ballot box. Every day a political cartoonist has at least half a dozen Trump mishaps to choose from so more drawing as carnage progresses. I may get another batch together for a Volume III.

Take Care. Stay Safe. (Still isolating/social distancing here, as well as mask and gloves when out and about.)