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The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.

Having Recently Discovered Nelson DeMille novels …

By Mister Schnell

My wife went to the library for her biweekly batch of recreational reading material. This collection included “The Panther” by Nelson DeMille. She was trying out a new author neither of us had read before. Charting unknown territory. Hey … No guts, no glory.

I saw “The Panther”, picked it up, read the inside jacket, and decided to peruse the novel. I found I could not put it down.

It is written in first person. Full of bantering, witty dialog and funny conversations masterfully woven into the story. Since we all read in our mind’s voice it felt like I was in the room with the main character as he carried on. Sorta like hanging out with the guys … bullshitting.

When you are retired there is a certain degree of social isolation. This book filled the void.

My wife heard me laughing and wondered what was up. I told her about the book and that I was really enjoying this author’s work. I googled the DeMille website so I could learn the order in which his books are written. I got his first “John Corey novel” called “Plum Island” and gave it to her to read. She really liked it!

She kept calling me to the room, then she’d read me a paragraph that had us both busting a gut laughing. So many things in it easily relatable.

I like his “John Corey” character … especially the wisecracks, cynicism, irreverence, and political incorrectness. I am a retired ICU open heart recovery nurse but chose to work the night shift to avoid tight ass, by the book, ladder climbing, stereotypical administration types. You know, the “self-important, chosen ones”, if you will, that dominate the day shift corporate scene. Since they sleep at night I decided that was the shift for me. (It was a career saving choice.)

Now I have books with a main character that remind me of the free spirit, free thinking, competent crowd that got the job done, without the mandatory ass kissing of today’s corporate workplace.

Yeah, yeah …. I know the novels are fiction but there is a lot of truth in them and the books are well researched. Character development is superb and the story line fun to follow.

So, if anyone is looking for me, I have 22 plus DeMille novels to catch up on. I will be out at Wolf Pup Condominiums …. reading a John Corey novel while sipping Hot chocolate.

RIP, Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters interviews pond scum back in the day.

Mock Paper Scissors

Barbara Walters has left the studio at age 93, and she was important: she shattered the glass ceiling of the Old Boys Club and made a difference to the culture. No matter what you thought of her journalism, her contribution to our society and culture is enormous and we all benefited from it. Generations of women journalists are standing on Walters’ shoulders; she showed us all what women can do.

And she proved she could take a joke.

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And is it worth it? How to make it better?

My Cult45 family members will never read this blog and if they did they would whine about something unrelated to distract. They vote and support the enemy within and can’t admit they are wrong … ever. I had to reblog this post … Excellent Blog Scot!

Scottie's Playtime


Conservative lawyers/judges are the worst.


Republicans need the lies to keep their party afloat. The simple truth would sink them all.



Maybe 48 hours, maybe!

FOX pundit?

(via justsayin59)


Maybe 48 hours, maybe!

FOX pundit?

(via justsayin59)


This is America. #voteblue https://www.instagram.com/p/Cmy3ANJMakK/

They’re not pro-life. They’re pro-tribalism.

They’re pro cruelty, pro suffering, anti autonomy.



No loyalty. No virtue. No shame. #MAGAValues




Republicans on asylum: follow the rules, do things the right way. Dont follow the rules? You are illegal. Respect or get out!

Republicans on Santos breaking rules: …


Millions suffered for Trump’s illegal privileges.


Language matters. No person is illegal. Stop the dehumanization.



And by “purged” we mean…purged. With extreme prejudice.

B-b-b-but prosecuting these people would be divisive.

– democratic “leadership”

That they failed despite having all the advantages is hilarious.

That they are still there to try again is not funny at all.

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The “NFT” Cards and Trump: No Laughing Matter

By Mr. Schnell

I did this cartoon in 2017 during the tRump administration. I probably posted it somewhere on my blog … somewhere in the archives. Well, it is time to update the cartoon and add “NFT” to the “What You Need” list for money laundering.

To further explain I ask you to take a few minutes (16 or so to be exact) and watch the YouTube video linked below.

I first heard about this in the Daily Kos article “Trump’s Trading Card Grift is Worse Than You Think” by Kurt Eichenwald which this video gives credit to at the 15:20 mark.

I can’t explain this any better than the video or the Daily Kos article …


A tip of the hat to Kurt Eichenwald: Substack, The Threats Within

Nice investigative research Kurt!


by Mr. Schnell

Donald Trump posted this on Truth Social:

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution…”

I emailed that post to a self-proclaimed, freedom loving, US military worshipping, Christian relative that lives in a red state.

I received the typical right-wing e-mail reply when you show a clear, indisputable sample of Trump’s anti-American/anti-Constitution colors to a diehard, brainwashed, cult follower:

“Don’t send me your political stuff any more!”

“Dear Robert,
Don’t send me political stuff any more because, irregardless of what you send, I am supporting and voting for “wetards” like Senator Lee of Idaho, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Ken Buck from somewhere, Sharron Angle, John Boozman from Arkansas, Chuck Gwassley of Iowa, Dan Coats from Indiana, David Vitter from Louisiana, Roy Blunt from Misery, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Richard Burr, from Louisiana … that are all trying to take away social security and Medicare. These programs make sure working Americans have a dignified, financially secure retirement but I prefer to give my hard-earned retirement, and yours, to the likes of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and Josh Haa-wee. FOX News says to support them, and I do as I am told. I t dwink wine every nite, but I am not a dwunk. My husband likes multiple martinis but he is not a dwunk . We are social dwinkers; at least that is what we tell the Highway Patrol when we get stopped. Remember when you asked us not to come to your campsite with alcohol, when you were camping, but we disrespected your wishes and came drunk with booze anyway? I hope you will forget about that disrespect and respect my request that you Not send me any of your political stuff no more, especially stuff that shows the candidate I voted for (Trump) is a traitor and con man that is dangerous to democracy, the US Constitution, the freedoms of all Americans, and our way of life for the last 233 years.

I will never admit I am wrong and I will never try to improve myself.


Your MAGAt, Fascist, Neo-Nazi Sibling that cain’t think for herself”

I Voted For Democracy

Mr. Schnell

Right wing deniers all eat shit; but say,” We don’t mind the taste … NO, not one bit!” Creeps like Herschel Walker, an original Planned Parenthood Stalker, professed Abortion denier, yet all his impregnated girlfriends prove he is a typical republican liar. Also in this year’s race is snake oil salesman Mehmet Oz. He is nothing more than a rubberstamp for the fascist cause. His opponent is John Fetterman, by leaps and bounds the better man! The Republican shit show goes on unabated and their danger to DEMOCRACY can’t be overstated!

I cast my vote today for Democracy. Hope to defeat the game rigging, cheating, right wing Autocracy!

Trump’s Hammer Diplomacy

By Mr. Schnell

The mongrel hordes and lone wolf assassins have been set loose. It happened January 6th, 2021, in Washington DC at the Capitol Building and, again, recently in San Francisco, in the early morning hours of October 28, 2022. In this most recent incident, Trump’s incendiary rhetoric sent a 42-year-old mental case lunatic, David Depape, on a rampage in which he attacked Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband with a hammer in a violent home invasion of the Pelosi residence. After bashing in backdoor windows He was calling out, “Where’s Nancy?” just as rioters, insurrectionists, and Capitol Building invaders did on January 6 in Washington DC.

Mr. Pelosi sustained a fractured skull from the hammer attack, as well as other injuries. He was transported to a hospital, taken to surgery, and last reports indicate post operatively he is doing well.

Have the Republicans made it open season now on the family members of their political rivals? It looks that way to me.

There is a lot I want to say and in language these mongrels will understand, but I am not going to descend to the bottomless cesspool gutter they populate and thrive in.

It is patently clear they are unreachable and unapproachable via normal, decent, typical civilized channels.

We must at all costs maintain the high road, the higher ground, but also not hesitate to utilize that potent plan B since they have stooped to Hammer Diplomacy.

Who Voted For Benedict Arnold?

By Mr. Schnell

(Disclaimer: This blog is cynical, satirical and sarcastic)

Tangerine Traitor with Russian honey-pot Inna Yashchyshyn, alias Anna de Rothschild, and Lindsey “Show Me The Rubles” Graham
(Photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/ Jay Ward Production Characters added)

Who voted for Moscow’s Manchurian Candidate? For starters … these two “Wanna-Be Russians” and the “MAGAt” larvae behind them.

Boris on left, Natasha on right?
(Jeremy Pelzer/Cleveland.com photo)

But it doesn’t end here. Not only did they vote for the Fascist Führer but they supported his January 6th, 2021, sneak attack on the Capitol building during the counting of electoral votes. (Well, maybe not all of them … but a lot!!!)

The Orange Tang Turncoat tweeted, “Be There! It will be wild!”

So, they came armed to the teeth (those that had teeth) with pointy sticks, some stones, knives, high-capacity magazine pistols, a few rifles, a couple pipe bombs and a Molotov cocktail or two; ready to do battle against the world’s beacon of light, liberty, and hope, the United States of America. They came to overthrow the greatest democracy on earth which just happens to possess a nuclear weapons stockpile, as well as a pretty powerful military funded by an annual budget in excess of 800 billion dollars a year (that the Government Accounting Office, GAO, will admit to anyhow)!

Egged on by Senator “Adolf” Hawley of Missouri!

Donald’s mentor and Best-Friend-Forever, Vladimir Putin, Russian dictator, world terrorist, war criminal and over-all bad guy could not have been happier!

The Proud Boys, Oath keepers, Three Percenters, and various other right-wing militia, white supremacist organization, Q-anon, Cult45, brain-washed, low intellect, minimal achieving Trump followers descended on Capitol grounds, in mass, and over ran building security. They even scared Senator Hawley so bad he skedaddled, post haste, out of the building.

The National Guard showed up four hours later at the behest of Vice President Pence and cleared the Capitol Building of insurrectionists. Pence actually doesn’t have the authority to do that, but the Tangerine Tyrant was too busy orchestrating the coup.

Rumor has it the National Guard coaxed the insurrectionists out onto the National Mall with ice cream and cookies.

They had to leave their zip ties and nooses behind or no snacks. Reluctantly they complied and got their ice cream and cookies. Some even got jail time.

Since the insurrection there have been January 6 congressional hearings displaying tons and tons, many tons, of evidence about the planning, preparation and execution of the coup and, not three weeks ago (in August 2022), a search warrant was served on the forgotten guy’s Mar-A-Lago club to retrieve national security documents stolen from the American people that were in the ILLEGAL POSSESSION of Stormy Daniel’s former client, Donald J. Trump.

Knowing all of this some voters still voted for this scumbag.

I discovered I am not the only person upset with current revelations concerning Donald Trump. I am not a fan of Daily Kos but this “diary” from the Daily Kos was brought to my attention, so I felt compelled to share it here.


This brings me back to my original question “Who voted for Benedict Arnold?”

It was a rhetorical question. I know who voted for Donald Trump and so do they.

Meanwhile back in judge’s chamber where Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas contemplates reversing Roe v Wade.

Old people getting their freak on….puke puke.

I close this blog with memes … If I knew the origin of these works of genius, I would give credit to the creators … They say what I wish to say and I thank them.

Stolen back from Mar-A-Lago are these parting cartoons (see below) …. (I have no idea why Trump stole them from my archive and obstructed their recovery. None!)

The nation will be safer and more secure when this happens!