My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.


by Mr. Schnell

The last five years sucked. Finally Trump is gone from the national and world stage.

As of 12:00 noon Central Standard Time I am gonna stop using profanity and be tactful and polite. Five years of Trump required fighting fire with fire. No More. He is gone and it is time to return to my preferred “normal”.

I hope citizen Trump is made to pay for his transgressions and justice is served.

Time to go. The birds and deer are calling.

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by Mr. Schnell

Trump lost the 2016 popular vote, but won the Electoral College. By doing so he won his first elected office ever (and if there is a GOD, hopefully his last elected office). He became the President of The United States. In 2017 I wrote the following verse accompanied with this cartoon.

“Of Donnie’s Future Misdeeds

We Must All Take Heed!”

I pat myself on the back for the foresight but take no joy being prescient as we recover from the last agonizing weeks of Donald J. Trump’s four years of hateful vitriol and what it has wrought upon our nation. He could have done so much good but he was intent on destruction and evil and the January 6th, 2021 violent siege of the nation’s Capitol Building (the “Cathedral of our Democracy” as described by Hakeem Jeffries on “Meet The Press” January 10th, 2021), was proof, for me, that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

I began reading William L. Shirer’s masterpiece “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and in the first 200 pages it gives a very detailed description of Adolf Hitler and his mindset. I was impressed at how much that was documented in those first 200 pages reminded me of Donald Trump. It talked of Hitler’s indolence, getting others to pay his way, his cult of followers, his avoidance of paying taxes, disdain for education, renowned backstabber of close associates no longer deemed useful, surrounding himself with thugs, misfits, and the persistent, constant, never ending lies, lies, lies! History was repeating itself only now it was not in Europe!

I was reading about the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. That was Hitler’s violent attempt to overthrow Germany’s democratic Weimar Republic headed by the aging President Hindenburg.

Beer Hall Putsch – Wikipedia

I was reading this around January 4th, 2021 while also following ambitious, dark money, Republican Trump Cultist suck up and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. This caricature emerged from the drawing board. I posted it on Twitter that day.

He is such a Trump (Hitler) sycophant this cartoon was obviously influenced by my reading “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. The next day, January 5th, the cartoon was “improved” and also posted on Twitter.

On the morning of January 6th I saw the photo of Missouri’s US Constitution denigrating Traitor Hawley with his now iconic “White Power Fist” raised in approval to the gathering mongrel hoard of barbarian insurrectionist as they prepared to storm the “Cathedral of our Democracy”. I posted this image on twitter.

The Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 … oops … I mean …. The Capitol Hill Putsch of 2021 received it’s “Fist-of-Approval”, “Go-Ahead” signal. They stormed the building. Pillage and Plunder commenced unabated for hours as the President of the United States gleefully watched the chaos and carnage on TV to the horror of those present. Just after his speech inciting his followers Trump was in a tent full of TV screens watching the march toward the Capitol Building when plantation whore Kimberly Gargoyle entertained Trump with a Hitler victory jig. See video link below.

I had been doing a few Josh Hawley cartoons through 2020.

Is it me or does Hawley look like a Horse?!

My cartoon evolution culminated in the Nazi comparison. “Adolf” Hawley remains defiant. His river of donation money is drying up. Everyone that can pull support away has done so but Josh keeps on “Heil Hitlering”.

So I will continue to try and get more mileage “kicking this dead horse”.


This is beyond a sad time for The United States. I joined the Navy and honorably served. I swore an oath to the Constitution I still live by. I am ashamed of the actions of these traitorous American citizens on January 6th, 2021. Watching news reports made my blood boil. How could they violate our Capitol in such a manner, refer to themselves as “patriots”, while singing the national anthem, and later chanting “Hang Pence Hang Pence? I never thought I would want to take up arms against citizens of my own country but these insurrectionists, their sedition, and vile uncivilized behavior changed all that. Trump harnessed stupidity, blind obedience, misguided loyalty, abuse of power: nutured it, incited it, and unleashed it on Capitol Hill January 6th. Consider me “Woke” to their game now.

These Cult45 underachievers drop out of school, drink all day, watch sports, have no discipline or education, no skills, are grossly unqualified for even menial labor and want to be handed CEO of some Fortune 500 company they will only run into the ground through sheer incompetence. Enough is enough!

Trump is an indolent, lazy, megalomaniac, bone spur draft dodging coward that somehow achieved a position to boss, denigrate, insult, and bully everyone, even military generals and admirals. (Hitler was an indolent, lazy, megalomaniac, vagabond, Austrian low ranking corporal that ended up the supreme leader who wasted no time defecating on the German High Command of generals and admirals!)

In the end Hitler destroyed Germany, Trump is trying to destroy American.

But America has a secret weapon that ain’t secret no more. The can of whoop ass has been opened. No more appeasement. Justice first … before unity, but unity will come.

To the Trump supporting, Cult 45 Q-anon derelict underachievers that stormed the Capitol; Law and Order is coming your way. It won’t be an illegal mob of misfit, Duck Dynasty look alike meth head morons bashing in your windows and kicking in your doors. Calmly, patiently, and Legally. A polite knock on your door, a professional law enforcement officer with backup, a warrant for your arrest, and a request you can not refuse, “Please Come With Us!”

One insurrectionist at a time. One enabler at a time. We’ll see how brazen and bold you are alone as they come for you!

Thank you Meidas Touch, Don Winslow, Lincoln Project, Really America, and all the video producers pulling the curtain back on America’s Nightmare: Donald J. Trump and his seditionist GOP.

I heard Josh Hawley’s book, “My Struggle” finally did get published but there are criticisms and complaints of plagiarism …

Wonder who he copied…

Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th, 2020)

By Mr.Schnell

As of December 24th…Christmas Eve … 27 more days!

If you have committed a heinous crime and need a pardon just put $10,000 in unmarked non-sequential tens and twenties and leave it at the base of the Robert E. Lee statue in the rotunda. For capital crimes bidding starts at $100,000. Have those funds sent to our shell company, Pardons Unlimited, LLC., in the Cayman Islands. Contact the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for deposit information.

30 More Days

by Mr. Schnell

30 days left in Trump administration. One month. In the meantime America waits for Moscow Mitch McConnell table scraps he calls a Covid relief package. I was on twitter a little while ago and #LetThemEatCake is trending.


Is McConnell a little out of touch or is it just me? Actually he is not out of touch. He is just plain and simply a power hungry, greedy, evil, old, old, old right winger that needs to retire.

Trump has 30 days left to destroy democracy, the United States, and start a civil war. As his scorched earth diplomacy continues statues of Robert E. Lee are being removed from Washington DC, trump continues to ignore Covid19, Russian hacking, and Melania.

Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr have no more use for lame duck Donnie since they have the Supreme Court and Federal judge appointees in place. Time to let Doo-Doo pants go.