My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.

It Doesn’t Get Any More Benedict Arnold Than This!

By Mr. Schnell

Donald knew about Russia’s bounty on American and British soldiers. His silence reads COMPLICITY in my book. We have a traitor in our midst it appears. So what is gonna be done? Like everything the last three and a half years … NOTHING!

Trump will be speaking at Pervert Mountain this July Fourth Holiday. I was worried he might be speaking at Mount Rushmore but Rapist Hills is more his speed.

Meme found on Twitter.

And I suppose by now you all have heard the FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell the British socialite and companion of “suicided” Jeffrey Epstein. Now we will be hearing the names Dershowitz, Clinton, Trump, Trump, Trump, Pedophile Island, Prince Andrew, Prince Andrew, Prince Andrew, Lolita Express, and Trump associated with underage girls, sex trafficking, and sex slaves. Not only that but since Bill Barr is the current mob lawyer for the Trump syndicate we are gonna hear more about him and his famous father, Donald Barr, who wrote a book called “Space Relations” about elites and sex slave kids set in the future. It is widely believed that Jeffrey Epstein mirrored his sex life after this trash novel. Also, Bill Barr’s father was headmaster of a private school that Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher but had no college degree. Lots of dots to connect and with Ghislaine now in custody maybe that task will be easier unless she gets “Epsteined”. Remember now … this is America … and we no longer have law and order. Only corruption.

If you would like to read Donald Barr’s novel “Space Relations” here is a link to the pdf file.

Nothing like having friends in powerful positions when you are in trouble.

Time to shoot off some fireworks. Take care all.

Missouri Makes The Front Page Again!

by Mr. Schnell

Once crypt keeper Patricia McCloskey stood on her cemetery style lawn pointing a semi-automatic handgun at pedestrians walking past her million dollar mausoleum style Palazzo while her husband stood guard on the porch with an AR-15, Missouri was in for it AGAIN!!! The state is already notorious for moonshine, meth labs, hillbillies, willful ignorance, Lax Gun Laws, red state “plantation wife” mentality, coat hanger back alley abortions, end time evangelical Christian fanatics, confederate flags, obedient Trump GOP senator lap dogs Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, sinking duck boat tourist death traps, racism, Ferguson riots, Lake of the Ozarks Covid cove incubation parties, pissing in the water, and Box Car Willie; now we have to contend with “Ken and Karen” commando, pink shirt, mustard stain fashion statements.

Sure, guns were pointed every where; at each other, at pedestrians, to the left, to the right, up, sometimes down, fingers on triggers, fingers off triggers, tempers flaring, profanity escalating … it wasn’t pretty.

Then comes MUSTARD STAINS and PINK SHIRTS???! Oh Jeez! That’s blood in the water for social media fashion Nazis.

No make up, hair not done, and the final fashion straw to break the camel’s back … BAREFOOTED. Huckleberry Finn BAREFOOT! Wait. What? One of them had socks on. Praise the Lord … there is a God!

However, if you are gonna brandish the finest in home security semi-automatic firearms at least dress the part. Is it too much to ask for camo, Kevlar, and combat boots?! Missouri has a reputation to uphold. Do your part for God’s sake!

I am done here and need a break. Time for the Lake and some bar hopping socializing. Y’all stay safe and if you get the chance come visit the Show-Me State but don’t forget your guns.


Donald Trump Coloring Book Volume II

by Mr. Schnell

Just finished Volume II of my Donald Trump Coloring book. Here it is. Volume One was so wildly popular a follow up was needed. Most of you are familiar with my political cartoons so we put a new bunch together for this second run to document Trumps insanity in coloring book cartoon fashion. It was fun finding all my black and white sketches (old school here…still use paper and pen).

Back Cover

It is nonstop chaos as Trump plans to steal the election and cheat at the ballot box. Every day a political cartoonist has at least half a dozen Trump mishaps to choose from so more drawing as carnage progresses. I may get another batch together for a Volume III.

Take Care. Stay Safe. (Still isolating/social distancing here, as well as mask and gloves when out and about.)

Blinders Removed: Eyes Wide Open

By Mr. Schnell

Flight of ideas using screen saves. It has been a long two weeks.

Below we have a pure, lily-white fence. (What self-respecting underground cartoon graphic artist can resist such a canvas?)

Digital Graffiti


When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you … pull your beard, flick your face … to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.“— John Lennon

A few good books for light reading:

Police Corruption and The Personal Cost Fighting It.
Trump Gassed Taxpayers then took a leisurely stroll Through Lafayette park.
Political Cartoon From Britain.

I don’t want to have a president with nicknames like “Bunker Bitch”, “Coward”, and “Bone-Spur”. I don’t want to see videos of police brutality toward African-Americans. I don’t want America to be the racist nation it is. But that is the reality isn’t it?!

The sun is setting and I am going to watch it. Tomorrow will be another day and I hope a better day. I will work for a better day. We have much work to do.

Walk Of Shame

by Mr. Schnell

The Electoral President of the United States was having an identity crisis with all the new nicknames he’s assumed after hiding in that underground Bunker so he abused the power of his office and called his buddy at the Pentagon, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

Of course, this was after he sought council from former KGB agent, current authoritarian dictator of Russia, and owner of the Golden Shower extortion video Vladimir Putin concerning the ominous peasant gathering in Lafayette Park. Vlad told him to kick ass and take no prisoners. Next call Markie Milley. Markie obediently came right over to assess the situation.

A huge gathering of the Trump sycophants occurred and a hasty plan was devised sure to save the President’s manly image. Instantly and without thought it was set into motion. First, tear gas the peaceful crowd of protesters while police charge and push the crowd back swinging shields and batons targeting women and reporters. Once the path is clear, Donald heroically started walking somewhere (instead of golf carting?). He is ten Trump steps ahead of the sycophant pack on this Walk Of Shame.

He military marches bone spur style to the vandalized church, pulls out a brand new looking, upside-down Bible that appears to have never been opened let alone read. Perfect. Now the all important photo op. He abruptly makes an about face because he is exhausted, out of breath, and about to pass out he heads back to the White House; lackies in tow. Mission accomplished; manhood restored (so the narcissist thinks).

Then the backlash.

First came the numerous new versions of “Why The Chicken Crossed The Road” then the memes of the book he held along with the revised Sunday Service marquee board. Below is an example from Twitter.

To set this whole thing up he first had to tear gas the American people. Administration propaganda photos and video only showed a pristine, manicured lawn, and meticulously cared for walk way. Again, Twitter posts tell a different story.


It is well a known fact government narcissists can’t understand creative wall art or recognize the true end result of their bad policies, racism, and hate talk. For that we turn to fact checking Twitter … Donnie’s current nemesis. (These images can be found on Twitter trending under #bunkerbitch, #teargsphotoop, #policeviolence, and #policebrutality among others. The original pictures are not mine and I don’t take ownership. If I knew the owners I would give them credit for their work.)

Copyright concerns aside there are more pressing issues. America is a country where the police are gassing it’s citizens, the military have boots on the ground ready to crush Mayberry’s citizens and Sheriff Andy Taylor is the bad guy while Barney Fife is the President. This is virgin territory for many but standard operating procedure for oppressed minorities since Plymouth Rock.

America can no longer ignore or sugar coat the inequity and racism. It is on full display for the world and Bunkerboy is in charge with Putin on deck. Things are not looking good as curfew approaches, militia ammosexuals block intersections, and trump retreats to his bunker haven.

Crazy times.

“What Do You Have To Lose?”

By Mr. Schnell

They say hindsight is 20/20. Then there is Today. Crystal clear.

For those people that voted for Trump (Snuffy-boy, Leeloy, Bucky) you voted for someone that shamelessly incites violence and when repercussions get too close he runs away and hides (in a Bunker surrounded by body guards).

He runs away leaving others behind.

Now I understand why you voted for him. You are just like him.

The United States Is Burning

by Robert Quick

Putin Wants It Burned So “Burn Baby Burn!”

Protesting and violence has been going on in the country since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. Since way before the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr African Americans have been violently oppressed by a double standard justice system in this country…One for privileged rich white and one for people of color and poverty. Today we have a white national racist cowering behind the protection of the Office of the Presidency. His infantile tweets and overall disregard for the people’s welfare has brought us to this point. He has successfully removed hope from a struggling sector of our society and when there is no longer any hope they truly have nothing to lose.


I couldn’t agree more or said it any better.

Bone-Spur Leadership

By Mr. Schnell

Secret Service Agent Gives Donnie Reassuring Fatherly Hug He’s Safe

When-The-Looting-Starts-The-Shooting-Starts“, as Bone-Spur Commando Donald Trump famously quoted recently, is safe after an errant champagne cork, from a newly opened bottle of champagne, allegedly struck and shattered Donald’s crystal champagne glass while he and Melania binge watched the Netflix limited series “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich“. This apparently occurred just as Donald, Melania, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell appeared on the TV screen (partying at Mar-A-Lago). What timing!

Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

The unusual loud popping sound immediately drew the attention of nearby Secret Service agents. They surrounded the shell-shocked, shaken President; heroically, gallantly, sacrificially, unselfishly body shielding him from any further or possible harm. They located the source of the loud popping sound, determined it was not a threat, cleaned up the broken glass, refilled a new glass for the president, and at the president’s request, joined in to binge watch the rest of “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich“.

Did this actually happen? We won’t confirm, deny, or discuss. All we can say is:

We Know Not What The Truth May Be.

We Tell Lies Just Like Donald Tells Lies To Me.

Most important, Please Don’t Call.

Watch “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” … And That Is All.

Our country is divided and the guy in Washington DC is fanning the flames. He is being compared to Nero burning Rome. I think he is more like Caligula.

Stay safe, social distance, isolate. Wear a mask to protect others when out, and wash your hands frequently.

Cover Of The New York Times

By Mr. Schnell

Trump plays golf in Virginia and here in Missouri party animals packed it in like sardines at the Lake of the Ozarks in Camden county. It made the national news on NBC.

Was the water in that Lake Ozark pool turning yellow or was that my imagination?


I’m about an hour from the Lake but don’t ever go there. I’d rather take a walk in the woods and risk getting shot by a drunk, meth head Missouri poacher than venture near the mid-state microbial soup cess pool. All I hear about is E.coli and flesh eating staphylococcus outbreaks and now we add Corona virus to the mix … why the incubating petri dish overfloweth!

Sounds like other parts of country are opening up and not taking common sense precautions like social distancing, protecting others by wearing a mask, or simply staying home. Race tracks, beaches, barbershops, block parties. All in the news while Corona virus cases continue to rise. God forbid anyone is inconvenienced.

Not me. I am staying put. It will be interesting watching the state’s lie about corona virus surges in the coming days.

Try and stay safe. It is getting tougher to do!