By Mr. Schnell

The recent 5-4 ruling by the AMY COVID BARRETT Supreme Court basically makes Church Services ground zero SuperSpreader Events at regular intervals, every week, in a time when no corona virus vaccine is available. This will ensure weekly COVID hot zone formation forever (until some miracle cure evolves). We will see how church thoughts and prayers for that miracle pans out.

During war (and as I recall a War on Covid has been declared with Trump as War-Time president) temporary sacrifice, temporary declarations, and temporary suspension of rights typically occur (recall Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus during the civil war and during WWII Americans sacrificed conveniences for the war effort). It is for the better good but only until life returns to normal (the war ends).

But not this war and certainly not with our current exceptional, spoiled rotten, right wing elitist constituency mentality where sacrifice is the dirtiest of words and absolutely beneath these “most-chosen-of-people” to practice. Simply wearing a fucking mask is too much for them in this fight against a deadly disease and it’s unbridled spread. Add willful ignorance to the exceptionalism of 74 million Trump supporters and watch our hospitals implode!

As a Clint Eastwood character said once in a movie, “Dying ain’t much of a living!” Trump supporters must have forgotten that famous line and lesson because they sure are making the pandemic hard to survive. 260,000 dead and the number climbing after Super Spreader Thanksgiving this year.

I’d say “See y’all in church” but I am gonna wait this shit show out in isolation. Gawd Bless Y’all.

Trump Supporting Family And Friends

by Mr. Schnell

My Trump supporter family members and former friends, that voted for Trump, in my opinion, voted AGAINST their best interests (as always) and when they did, they also voted against MY BEST INTERESTS. Trump’s handling of the COVID pandemic is the perfect example. He told his supporters the virus didn’t exist, that masks are useless, held huge super spreader events, claimed there are only cases because of “Testing”, stated it is all “FAKE NEWS”, encouraged violence, racism, and said Fascists were “good people”.

These lies and my family’s cult following put all healthcare people on the front lines at great risk.

Check out this recent article from “The Hill”:

US COVID-19 hospitalizations surpass 90,000 in new record (

I was an ICU nurse and in 2018 ( two years into Donald Trump’s administration) decided to vote in my best interests and did; I retired.

I elected to retire from nursing after 38 years and that decision more than likely saved my life. I live in a red state where my Trumpster family and former friends smoke, drink, follow Nascar, football, basketball, and baseball 24/7. But every election blindly vote a Republican ticket. Ask them any specific question about a policy, a bill or a politician’s background and/or voting record all you get is a blank stare.

I follow politics and I do political cartoons. For the last five years (2015-2020) I did Anti-Trump/ Anti-Republican cartoons. I worked in a right wing VA hospital (until 2018 when I retired) and saw the steady diet of lies, propaganda, trash TV, and garbage (FOX) news fed these right wingers. They voraciously ate it up. When not watching touchdowns, homeruns and Nascar wrecks my “Trumpster” family members drank every night right before bed … usually wine, beer, or mixed drinks. Come Election Day they voted White Privilege, Christian Racist RED (their Jesus being a white, blue-eyed Caucasian billionaire from the Texan Middle Eastern Oil fields.)

Their vote in 2016 put my interests, and my life, in great peril. As an ICU nurse I would be on the front lines against this unknown lethal virus that popped up on the scene in January 2020. I follow politics and knew about con man Trump but my Trumpster family never got the “conman” message (a message that never makes football half time or even baseball’s seventh inning stretch). They would ignore it anyway.

The message they got and believe from FOX NEWS was that Donald was a brilliant businessman. I knew better. His policies would make retirement ten times harder, not just for me but for all of the middle class (my trump voting relatives included!)

My cartoons have been posted on Facebook, and Twitter and I have a blog on WordPress. If anyone has questions I refer them to my social media sites.

My family knows I am an ICU nurse and knew I was close to retirement.

My Trumpster family members love the nonjudgmental, sacrificial nursing profession and I regularly got the patronizing “Pat-On-The-Back” and “Thank-You-For-What-You-Do-For-Us” and why not?! Normally Trumpsters are “nobodies” starving for recognition. Hospitalized patients receive VIP status and the elusive recognition they crave. That is where you see “Situational Value Systems” kick into high gear as they callously act like Donald “You’re Fired” Trump, their idol. (I have a younger brother that drank and smoked himself into a stroke. While recovering he told me his nurse didn’t get to his bed in a timely fashion. “To teach her a lesson” he “pissed the bed so she’ll have to clean it up.” Yeah, you guessed correctly, he is a right wing Trump supporter that religiously votes Republican and is, of course, a Born Again Christian.)

Well I had enough of this particular hospital’s right wing stupidity and selfish, greedy, willfully ignorant Trump supporters clientele and retired in 2018. Two years later under the leadership of Trump, the “wanna-be dictator” my Trumpster family put in office, my life would surely have been in great jeopardy. Gotta give them credit for consistency: They always vote against their best interests and try to take everyone down with them. They did so once again.

With family and friends like that one does not need enemies.

Luckily, I stayed one step ahead in 2018. When they go down they go down alone this time. Their candidate, their disaster, their responsibility. They own this one and I don’t have to risk my life taking care of willfully ignorant right wing covidiots!
AMF Yo-Yo.

If my trump supporting family can break away from football for a minute they will notice Missouri hospital’s are full to bursting capacity and our health care system is at the breaking point. This is happening nation wide and their elected savior from 2016, Donald Trump is out on the golf course cheating at golf or pardoning treasonous retired generals like Mike Flynn.

Their response….

….a blank stare.

Not a day goes by I don’t think about my friends and former coworkers on the hospital front lines fighting this pandemic and trying to save lives against great odds. I wish them the best and pray for their safety. New leadership in Washington DC is on the way but until there is a proven safe and effective vaccine the best we have is social distancing, isolation, avoid crowds, mask up and lots of hand washing.

Nurse Speaks Out On DailyKos

by Mr. Schnell

The GSA finally released funds for the Biden/Harris transition. Finally.

Looking over the Daily Kos I ran into this article by a nurse on the front lines fighting this pandemic. I have to post it here. My heart goes out to these health care professionals …

Check out the link below…

The election might be over, but the trouble is just beginning. (

Bunky, The Feral Cat

By Mr. Schnell

He showed up one day in the back yard. Shy. Wouldn’t come down off the hill. He kept his distance. I put out some food and eventually, over time, he developed trust.

I took him to the veterinarian and got him neutered and shots. My wife named him “Baby-Boy” (that’s what is on his paperwork at the clinic).

He worked his way into the house and that was four or five years ago. He comes in and sacks out on the bed, sofa, or ottoman all day. I got in the habit of calling him Bunky. It stuck.

He is an outdoor cat and goes out around 6 PM and returns at 6 AM. He is totally mellow. He doesn’t claw furniture, or use an indoor cat box. He goes outside. He tolerates the neighbor kid who pulls his tail and pets him kinda rough. When he has had enough he takes off for the woods.

Bunky is responsible for keeping me sane while Trump was destroying democracy and the country for the last four years. I would ask Bunk about what he thinks of Trump. No comment. He just settles in beneath the bird feeder waiting for a bird. He terrorizes grasshoppers, toads, lizards, earthworms, field mice, volls, and small garden snakes. He can’t catch the rabbits. They are way too fast. The rabbits know it too. They let him get close then blast away effortlessly.

He has a peace accord worked out with the local sunflower seed eating fox that shows up now and again.

Bunky doesn’t buy into social media, watch the news, or follow politics. Nope. He tom-cats all night. Comes home to eat and crash all day then repeat. Calm, laid back. I watch and admire. Like I said … he keeps me sane.

Bunky has one funny habit. He is persistent with this. Around 5 PM he wants out but keeps looking my way and meowing. If I am busy drawing cartoons or on the computer he gets in my way sitting on the key board or taking over my chair.

I tell him, “Okay, let’s go!” I head for the door, he jumps up to take the lead and outside we go. There is a small patch of woods out back so I take a camping chair. I’ll sit and a few minutes later he is in my lap. He nuzzles the bill of my ball cap until it falls to the ground. He’ll then gently kneads my coat or shirt with his front paws, prepping his nap site. Settles in and starts cat snoring. We’re out in the woods but he’s real comfortable. I’ve got look-out duty in case of fox, coyotes, or whatever.

After thirty minutes he sits up, leaps to the ground, and off he goes.

That is his routine. I won’t see him again until 6 AM when he comes looking for his Fancy Feast.

Now I can go back to the house and finish my cartoon undisturbed; something to trigger a trump supporter …

Life is good.

Donald Trump Coloring Book Volume III

By Mr. Schnell

The Cover

America finished up with a grueling election and Trump lost to Barack Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris!

Little Thin Skin Donnie has yet to concede and admit defeat. That is his bone spur brand. When the going gets tough run, hide, deflect.

The world knows, we know, and nobody really cares if moron trump acknowledges or not. It is what it is. There are so many things to fix and Joe Biden and his team of professionals are already on the job. 70 days and counting till Joe’s inauguration. I am ready as is the world!

Our Nation Wakes From The Nightmare

by Mr. Schnell


It takes a lot of guts to run against a racist, greedy, corrupt Mob Syndicate with a deep reach and supported by a low intellect, willfully ignorant Cult of equally racist, greedy, corrupt followers. Joe and Kamala bravely and “for country” did just that.

I am going to keep this short and end it with a message to little Donnie ….

“Of The People, For The People, By The People”

A Quote from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettyburg Address to the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler (Donald Trump).

(Liberal Bob placard chimes in with his own message to the “Apprentice” currently having a temper tantrum on some golf course back nine. You are gonna see and hear this a lot … we have been waiting patiently … “YOU’RE FIRED!”)


By Mr. Schnell

Retired ICU open heart recovery nurse, Bob, having been cloaked in secretive hospital Confidentiality Clauses for his entire career, has ventured out to major stop light intersections in search of international fame and fortune which has thus far escaped him while employed by America’s premier health care institutions the last four decades. In politics you don’t have to be right about anything and being dead wrong is an asset coupled with the divisive and combative backdrop of this presidential election season this is the perfect time for this pilgrimage.

Fame and Fortune here I come….

Recently the Lincoln Project was accused of posting billboards near the Lincoln Tunnel and Ivanka and Jared were pissed. They have threatened to sue the Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project has millions of followers. I need a part of that action. Besides, can’t get blood out of a turnip.

Look here. Look here.

And how about that Jerry Falwell Jr. “zipper down” scandal on a yacht while boozing it up with a younger drunk broad not his wife. Jerry Falwell Jr. is a famous hypocrite, with a famous name, from a famous family, and he wants to sue some famous “Holier-Than-Thou” Christian College that fired him. Some of that famous has to rub off.

And how about the hacking and ripping off of the Wisconsin Republican Trump Reelection Fund for a few million bucks. Hell yeah, I’m in.

And what about this 17 year old kid named Kyle whose mother drove him from Illinois to Wisconsin so he could run around showing off his AR-15. He ended up shooting three people, two of whom died. He ran back to Illinois where he was later arrested and the judge is sending him back to Wisconsin to face murder charges. Meanwhile his star struck mom is running around Illinois attending republican dinners where they give her standing ovations for her son’s 15 minutes of infamy. What the hell, Trump has said there is no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe that is true but there is no denying…


And last have you heard about the road rage moron home grown terrorists in Texas. They caravan in pickups with flags like ISIS and harassed a Biden Campaign Bus they admitted on Facebook they thought was carrying Kamala Harris around Texas to Democratic rally events. They actually admit targeting Kamala Harris. A dark monster, wide tired, Trump Flag Waving Ford pickup truck rammed one of the Biden bus escort vehicles. The whole thing was caught on video and the driver admitted to it on Facebook. Turns out the driver is well known in San Antonio law enforcement circles and once was arrested for DWI but since he feeds the cops pulled pork buffets he got off without a fine or anything. Sweet. Wish I thought of that.

I wasted my working life taking care of sick people when I could have been out there getting famous running people off the road and hanging out with up and coming politicians like carpet bagger, war monger, and million dollar IED wounded veteran and sympathy vote Congressman Ben Crenshaw from Texas.

But, of course, I am not wired that way. As much as I try to hide it (which ain’t much) I am not a Trump fan. I proudly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and refuse treatment. Only a Biden victory will cure me and the millions upon millions like me around the country and the globe.

Till then my message to Trump supporters, Trump and his vile disgraceful family:

To Trump supporters and science deniers don’t go to hospitals or science based health care facilities: visit your faith healers and witch doctors instead. Remember what Trump said, “Doctors get more money if someone dies of CoVid”… If you love Trump, and you do, you WILL do as told.

To normal people with common sense and intelligence stay safe, isolate, wear a mask and wash hands frequently. Vote Trump Out Of Office 2020

Final Two Weeks Till Election Day on November 3, 2020

by Mr. Schnell

All I hear from the GOP is their projecting. When Trump does or says something stupid (which is 20 or 30 times a day) the GOP says the democrats did it. The GOP warns of democrats packing the courts while they are actively doing it and doing it with people that are not qualified for the life time appointments on the court they are gifted.

One right winger accused the left of dropping “F” bombs immediately after Trump used the profanity in a Rush Limbaugh radio address.

Crazy times in America. Hypocrisy rules the day as well as dark money. Politicians used to hide it but it has become so openly apparent they take the attitude of “What’s the sense hiding anything?” So they don’t!

Classic example seen in Missouri

Covid 19 rates have skyrocketed in the midwest since Trump got infected. He was given every experimental drug known to man. Melania is still coughing and flies are buzzing around Mike Pence. No one really cares.

Vultures are circling.

Canada has closed the border. Americans are the international pariah.

We are ten months into this pandemic and each day worst than the day before.

Today Rush Limbaugh announced his faith healer treatments aren’t working! If only he followed Bill Clinton’s example and not inhale but then Clinton is a democrat and Rush a hate monger doing whatever he has had to do to earn a buck.

In this crazy world void of common sense but full of super spreader events I suppose all this is to be expected as Trump’s closed gene pool party rules America.

Everybody blames everybody.

Only one thing left to do. Cut and Run. Got the camper out and headed for the back country. Adios my friends …. you’re on your own.

Trump’s Stimulus Check To Himself

By Mr. Schnell

I put out this meme when the first stimulus checks went out and today when people can’t pay bills donnie is getting a bit stingy about helping those in need.

Very good article in the Dailykos about our national IRS tax cheater and covid grifter donald (purposely written with a little “d”.)