Dangerous climate is now upon Australia- Michael Mann — nuclear-news

Australia, your country is burning – dangerous climate change is here with you now , Guardian, Michael Mann 1 Jan 2020, I am a climate scientist on holiday in the Blue Mountains, watching climate change in action, After years studying the climate, my work has brought me to Sydney where I’m studying the linkages betweenContinue reading “Dangerous climate is now upon Australia- Michael Mann — nuclear-news”

Australia is Burning (Climate Change) — Mock Paper Scissors

Last night on Twitter, Scissorhead @HamishMack asked me if I had heard much about the wildfires in Australia; you see even 2K km away (over the water!) in New Zealand, they were getting the smoke! A quick trip to the Googles, and no, the news feed didn’t even have it in the top 50 stories, […]Continue reading “Australia is Burning (Climate Change) — Mock Paper Scissors”

The Place Is On Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon — parallax

RDP Thursday – Puce Photo: George Mill, Mallacoota. Major fires burn across four states, two states have declared a state of emergency, the main fire in Western Australia is contained, but the east-west national road link is closed. “The Monster is on its way to us ….” Liv Casben, Bateman’s Bay. The Place Is […] TheContinue reading “The Place Is On Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon — parallax”

“What Are You Doing Now?”

A relative asked me that very question yesterday. My answer was simple. I said, “Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.” At this stage of the game I am a guilt free spectator. Paid my dues, did my time. I sit back and watch whatever unfolds. I refuse to engage or intervene. But it took me a while toContinue reading ““What Are You Doing Now?””

Open Heart Surgery Recovery

I spent a great deal of time recovering post op open heart patients in my nursing career. To learn this skill there was one article that was particularly helpful in Heart & Lung: The Journal of Critical Care written by Ann P. Weiland RN, MS and William F. Walker MD titled “Physiology Principles and ClinicalContinue reading “Open Heart Surgery Recovery”

The Train Wreck ICU Admission

A Little Background: 85 year old white male with a history of metastatic cancer to the bowel, liver, and lungs, primary site unknown, 65 pack year history of tobacco abuse, still smokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), type II diabetes, severe peripheral vascular disease, active ETOH abuse, quart of gin a day, pedophilia, PTSD, benignContinue reading “The Train Wreck ICU Admission”

Scuba Diving Nurses

In Missouri I was certified as an Open Water Diver in the early 1980s and lucky to get stationed in California while serving in the Navy. There are pristine dive locations all over the west coast. Lajolla, Catalina Island, Channel Islands, and Leguna Beach come to mind. I was stationed at a naval hospital inContinue reading “Scuba Diving Nurses”