Robbing The U.S. Treasury

by Mr. Schnell Since the corona virus hit American shores have you noticed the bottomless pit of taxpayer revenue Trump has made available to our nation’s white collar criminals; bankers, corporate CEOs, and himself. The amounts are yuge and scattered everywhere except to the people that need it most. Unaccountable billions, trillions. Amounts so bigContinue reading “Robbing The U.S. Treasury”

Camping By The River

It is winter, pretty cold out, but no ice on the road. Perfect for a day away from the civilized world. Packed up the Wolf Pup and off I went. No beeping IV pumps or ventilator alarms. All I can hear is the gentle flow of the river. No one around except these two cartoonContinue reading “Camping By The River”

My First Blog Post

The world is changing way too fast. No sense in trying to keep up! Nope. TIME TO GO CAMPING….PERMANENTLY. Peace quiet solitude. A good book, couple of movies, sketch pad, map of the park, hiking trails, fishing gear, 30 amp plug in, camp fire, can of beans, hotdogs, hamburger and life is good again.