Trump Receives His Economic Stimulus Check

By Mr. Schnell Donald has been working real hard making a buck off the corona virus and spreading the wealth to himself and his rich friends while convincing his mindless followers to risk their lives going back to work. You ain’t no ‘Murican less you die for the Dow. In the meantime he needs aContinue reading “Trump Receives His Economic Stimulus Check”


by Mr. Schnell I have been pretty critical lately, haven’t I?Maybe too harsh? He is human with feelings after all! Oh sure, he ain’t perfect ; cheats at golf, incessant tweeting, holding hate rallies, cusses, hate talk, racism, adulterer, corrupt, demands blind obedience, dismantles government safety nets (the White House pandemic team), and “misappropriates” taxpayerContinue reading “LOOK WHAT DONALD SENT!”