by Mr. Schnell I have been pretty critical lately, haven’t I?Maybe too harsh? He is human with feelings after all! Oh sure, he ain’t perfect ; cheats at golf, incessant tweeting, holding hate rallies, cusses, hate talk, racism, adulterer, corrupt, demands blind obedience, dismantles government safety nets (the White House pandemic team), and “misappropriates” taxpayerContinue reading “LOOK WHAT DONALD SENT!”

Inspiring Words From Our Corona Virus War President To The Troops

by Mr. Schnell Former Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, called the Captain of the United States aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt stupid in a speech on board the carrier to the crew! “What the Fuck!!!”(Reaction by a sailor heard in the background audio during the speech.) “Man Overboard” should have been the nextContinue reading “Inspiring Words From Our Corona Virus War President To The Troops”