Bunky, The Feral Cat

By Mr. Schnell He showed up one day in the back yard. Shy. Wouldn’t come down off the hill. He kept his distance. I put out some food and eventually, over time, he developed trust. I took him to the veterinarian and got him neutered and shots. My wife named him “Baby-Boy” (that’s what isContinue reading “Bunky, The Feral Cat”

Donald Trump Coloring Book Volume III

By Mr. Schnell America finished up with a grueling election and Trump lost to Barack Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris! Little Thin Skin Donnie has yet to concede and admit defeat. That is his bone spur brand. When the going gets tough run, hide, deflect. The world knows, weContinue reading “Donald Trump Coloring Book Volume III”

Our Nation Wakes From The Nightmare

by Mr. Schnell THANK YOU JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS It takes a lot of guts to run against a racist, greedy, corrupt Mob Syndicate with a deep reach and supported by a low intellect, willfully ignorant Cult of equally racist, greedy, corrupt followers. Joe and Kamala bravely and “for country” did just that. IContinue reading “Our Nation Wakes From The Nightmare”


By Mr. Schnell Retired ICU open heart recovery nurse, Bob, having been cloaked in secretive hospital Confidentiality Clauses for his entire career, has ventured out to major stop light intersections in search of international fame and fortune which has thus far escaped him while employed by America’s premier health care institutions the last four decades.Continue reading “A FEW MORE DAYS TO GO”

Final Two Weeks Till Election Day on November 3, 2020

by Mr. Schnell All I hear from the GOP is their projecting. When Trump does or says something stupid (which is 20 or 30 times a day) the GOP says the democrats did it. The GOP warns of democrats packing the courts while they are actively doing it and doing it with people that areContinue reading “Final Two Weeks Till Election Day on November 3, 2020”

The Kamala/Pence Fly Trap

by Mr. Schnell About an hour before the Kamala Harris/Mike Pence debate began I got an idea and started revamping my Trump/Biden cartoon to add current debate participants. It is sloppy and done in haste (Right wingers will love this …. they tell me all the time how they understand why I am a “starvingContinue reading “The Kamala/Pence Fly Trap”

Don the Con-Trump-Tagious

By Mr. Schnell Has the Covid Super Spreader been released from the hospital? After his joy ride yesterday I quit watching the shit show. Did he really have Covid? Was he really given any meds? How much did all the medications he receive cost? Is President Guinea Pig contagious? Was he ever? Do you believeContinue reading “Don the Con-Trump-Tagious”

Updating Our Cartoon

By Mr. Schnell Originally Trump was asymptomatic. We had to take the “A” out of “Asymptomatic Carrier” in our original cartoon and make it read “SYMPTOMATIC CARRIER” to stay current with news updates. (Also, Donnie has been upgraded to the “Super Spreader” category and requires strict isolation and quarantine.) As more MISINFORMATION is reported weContinue reading “Updating Our Cartoon”

Rose Garden Super Spreader Event Infects GOP

By Mr. Schnell Everybody who is anybody (ie high dollar rich republican donors) and current GOP elected office holders got invited to the Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett in the White House Rose Garden. Sometime after the ceremony Trump tested positive for “mild” Covid 19 and then airlifted to Walter Reed militaryContinue reading “Rose Garden Super Spreader Event Infects GOP”