Wolf Pup Meadow Condominium

by Mr. Schnell No Electricity, No Water, No Sewage. Pack in Pack out. My buddy lives close by. He has a tractor. He put the Wolf Pup on site. My pickup is two-wheel drive and kept spinning on the grass. No traction. But that tractor had no problem at all. People keep telling me toContinue reading “Wolf Pup Meadow Condominium”

Let Me Show You Something

by Mr. Schnell Every so often, on a regular basis, enough is enough. Time to get away. To sit and think. Alone. Oh yeah, before we get to far…no cell phones. There. Just ahead. See it? In the clearing ahead. It is not Yosemite or the Grand Canyon but for me much more. Solitude. Sanctuary.Continue reading “Let Me Show You Something”