“What Do You Have To Lose?”

By Mr. Schnell They say hindsight is 20/20. Then there is Today. Crystal clear. For those people that voted for Trump (Snuffy-boy, Leeloy, Bucky) you voted for someone that shamelessly incites violence and when repercussions get too close he runs away and hides (in a Bunker surrounded by body guards). He runs away leaving othersContinue reading ““What Do You Have To Lose?””

Remember When Home Meant Sanctuary? Not Any More

by Mr. Schnell How exactly does Alphabet, Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, and Instagram make money? When you talk about making money these Silicon Valley tech companies are raking it in. But how exactly? A friend of mine asked me if I really wanted an answer to my question. I told him, “YES!” HeContinue reading “Remember When Home Meant Sanctuary? Not Any More”